UE 4.26.2 Water System - Fluidsim & Foam

I am wondering why the hell the water system in UE is still so unknown and why it is not setup to work as expected. I mean there is a project that doesn’t even work out of the box. I am trying to watch the videos to understand with so many options and things you got to fiddle around with… Why isn’t it already set up so it works and then people can try to understand how things are working by reverse engineering. So you open the project (Fluidsim_Terrain) and neither the interaction or foam work at all. Foam in the ocean gets stamped across the water and go find out how to make it behave around objects or waves using distance field. In that project doesn’t even show (Lake Material). For the interation I can only get some weird crazy artifacts all over the place using shallow water. I mean man why isn’t this set up properly as an example? And why is it a starting point without a proper tutorial. Even trying to follow Ryan is not enough. There must be something not working internally or stuff that was left disconnected or broken somewhere. Anyone had the exact same results as shown on the video because it is driving me nuts.

because it’s a WIP :confused:

there’s a forum thread that provides a fixed version and instructions for it (tried googling it but couldn’t find it)
but all in all I expect these features to get cleaned up and streamlined. even when it works, it’s far from being intuitive and the materials all contain wip / unconnected / badly named things. also the gerstner waves only work in the main view (water simply renders flat from a scenecapture or from DrawMaterialToRenderTarget)

I saw that post and it required to download some github versions and honestly I don’t wanna use anything that hasn’t been released yet. I thought they added a version that works even though is a WIP. The only thing that works fine for me is the waves and some material parameters but there is something that breaks it for me which is the underwater material not following the waves correctly and if you switch to the postprocess mesh the underwater material doesn’t doesn’t look as good. I hope more people with much more experience with it can come and share their knowledge so we can get to know the current state of the water because it is quite frustrating.

I did the mesh method for the underwater on UE5 and it worked but I think on 4.26.2 the UnderWaterPostProcess Mesh blueprint is broken:

The property associated with Game Referenced Velocity Height Texture could not be found in ‘/Water/Materials/PostProcessing/UnderWaterPostProcessMesh.UnderWaterPostProcessMesh_C’

I am sure it wasn’t broken in UE5. Gonna check again.

on the new Unreal engine 5.0.1 I can’t seem to make foam working? Are there anyone that got it to work ? I tried a this video but didn’t work sadly…

Yeah I have hit the same issue with that video, I got everything working with water in UE 5 except Foam ?

I found to get Noice/Waves coming from the BP_Dynamic_Force_Component and BP_Fluid_Impulse_Repeating

everything in the video should work, but change the BP_FluidSim_01 Terrain Mode to Constant and flip the Solver to RIpple Solver if get something happening.

but I also have still not got foam to work in UE 5 ?

Yeah +1 to this, I am also wondering how to get foam in UE5 most of the settings in the material are called differently, and work differently so It’s hard to follow. It would be awesome to have some answers to this.

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