UE 4.26.1: RDG: Unexpected error when using a structured buffer

UE 4.26.1 launcher version, Windows 10, Visual Studio 2019, Visual Assist

For some reason I get this error when using a structured buffer. It’s a very simple project, I’m trying to learn more about RDG. The error is very unexpected. I’m wondering if you get the same error if you test it in your lab, please see attached.

line 156 in ShaderParameterStruct.h


0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000239.

link text

nevermind, I split the passes in their own selfcontained functions, and all is okay now. previously I was adding two passes and run execute once. One pass for clear and one pass for writing. Now I run execute after each pass and that’s it :slight_smile: