UE 4.25 Oculus Quest / Quest 2 arm64 crash FIX

FYI after struggling to migrate my project to 4.26, went back to 4.25, and successfully built arm64 for Quest2 . What i did, was, remove Android studio from drive , env variables and nvpack folder from my pc. Restarted. Reinstalled Android Studio 3.5.3 (by default) added on the SDK Manager Android 10 SDK, added in SDK Tools, NDK (Side by Side) 21.3.6528147(edited)
My new installed Android sdk ended in users/username\AppData\Local\Android
My android settings in projects settings: Minmum SDk 23 / Target SDK 25
My Android SDK settings: forced location to Sdk directory (the one mentioned above)
Same with NDK dir, forced to SdkDirectory/ndk/21.3.6528147
SDK Api Level “matchndk”
NDK API Level android-21
no issues at all opening levels, server travelling, without any crashes! Hopefully it helps someone that had the crash issue. Cheers

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update: somehow my apk started crashing again on Quest 2 a few weeks later, so again i´m at the same point, can´t succesfully build an apk for Oculus Quest / Quest 2 in UE 4.25.4