UE 4.23 denoiser is broken

All rtx denoising is broken currently. The only thing affected by denoising is shadows, Everything else is not de-noised and therefore needs sample counts upwards of 16+TAA to be somewhat acceptable graphically.

Denoiser only works with 1 sample, if you change the sample level it will not use the denoiser

This is not true. It only applies to ray traced reflections only. All the other ray tracing effects such as GI, AO, etc… do use denoiser at all sampling levels. That makes makes it quite jarring why this limitation applies to reflections then…

Not at all from my experience. Denoiser should work on up to 4 on 2.23, but not even on 1 on my rig. The exception is obviously shadows. EVERYTHING is non-functional on denoising (Again, besides shadows)

4.24 Ray Traced Reflections supports samples per pixel > 1. The previews start soon and you can check it out.

Keep in mind that Ray Tracing is still in Beta (even for 4.24), so it’s expected that you’ll run into things like this from time to time. Our engineers are working hard and continually adding new features and improvements, but it takes time and not everything makes it into a given release.