UE 4.22 - Niagara freezes my pc each time it triggers a Niagara FX for the first time, why? imag att

Hi, Every time i trigger a Niagara effect in Unreal 4.22, my computer freezes for 3 to 5 seconds and then it continues to work without any issue at all, also i hear the pc woking harder when it freezes, this is weird… because i had never ever had any issue with Cascade, no idea if there is extra requirements with Niagara so i share my pc system info, to find out why, and then be able to be more clear with peopple that Will buy my game about the spects and requirements to play, i know i dont have an ultimate pc, but hey, not every client that buys a game has an RTX graphic card, so in my case its even better to use an older pc to be more suitable for many users pc spects.

Please help.