UE 4.20 - New Depth of Field test

Hello dear UE community,

I’ve taken current 4.20 build for a spin and tested the latest depth of field in the Infiltrator demo:

More advanced testing:

Original video:

Yum. Looks great.


Maybe I’ll actually use DoF now.

This quality at this level of performance, it’s amazing, love it.

You have not tried everything. =)

I actually used Min F Stop to .9f and Diaphragm blade count to 10, but i have no clue of what i was doing ^^.

Diaphragm blade count is the number of blade of the diaphragm, and maximum aperture (Min F-stop) defines the curvature of the blade of the diaphragm.

As the aperture changes, the bokeh is going to transition to circle to angled. But less noticeable whn you get high number of blades. Should play with settings like:

Diaphragm blade count: 5
Max aperture (min f-stop): 1.2
Aperture (f-stop): change it and notice the shap of your bokeh.

With a decently close focus distance to get your background largely out of focus.

Thank you, I jumped on 4.20 for my game project presentation mostly for this amazing Dof.

Testing your suggestions right away !

I’m very pleased to know that! =) Months of work went into it. But be always carefull that jumping early in major release can slow your dev as well. The amount of fixes that goes into 4.20 proves how unstable it can be. I already cherry-picked some fixes for DOF in it…

Duly noted, after creating a widget to tweak the news parameters i went for a more advanced testing of the new depth of field.

Recorded the video and uploading it now. This new depth of field is incredibly cinematic, i love it. Thank you Guillaume !

Here are a couple pictures from the video:

One trick: you have some translucent meshes that are drawn after DOF with out separate translucency, that in the background of the city does not look nice on the window of the skyscrapers. That is simply because the content was not populated back in the day with ability to put the city out of focus in mind. Quick workaround to avoid this content restriction is to simply disable separate translucency with “show SeparateTranslucency” in the console.

Awesome, didn’t know the console command, i thought i had to go into each material (i had to do it for some VFX appearing on top of DOF in the first part of the demo).

Here is the new test:

Loving the new Circle DOF! although, is there any way to set the minimum Aperture F-stop in the PostProcess settings? It’s clamped at a minimum of 1. The Cinematic Camera has the option available though.

4.20 hairworks???

So I recently tried this out with dynamic DOF on my player camera and it looks so realistic!

the problem I have though is that my first person hands and weapons are being blurred too much because they are super small and close the the camera to avoid wall clipping (forced perspective), while far objects aren’t blurred nearly as much.

is there any setting or cvar that can help me tweak the near blur?