UE 4.2 Networking, Client Window black

Hey there
I followed the oifficial Networking Tutorials:

However when I tried to to this myself (goto Play Settings, Set it to 2 Players) my Client Screens always stays black.
Now i read about some problems in 4.0 and 4.1 with Player spawns and that we’d have to move the server char and then use console commands like “reconnect”, “StartFire” or “open”

Well, none of them worked, surprisingly it worked with “open localhost”…
I can Join, but i dont see the other char nor any interactions one of the char is doing (ex. shooting crates in the FPS Demo, or running around in the 3rd Person Demo)

Any Ideas about this? Oh also I dont have one of this Bigfoot Network Killer Cards mentioned here somewhere…
(Intel Onboard Network Card, pinging and localhost work properly)

My Specs:

Windows 8.1 Pro x64

i7-4770 @ 3.4GHz


2x GTX570 SLI

Asus R.O.G. Maximus VI Hero, Z87, LGA1150, SLI/CFX MoBo


Ok so it seems to be a Problem with my PC, my friend came over today and we did the same procedure on his laptop, there everything worked like in the tutorial videos.

I tried disabling my firewall and antivirus, also verified my UE4 Installation.
Sadly nothing of this helped me resolving the Issue…

Does anyone have an idea from where this problem could originate?

Thanks very much

Same issue here. It used to work fine and stopped working about a month or so ago. Not a network, firewall, AV, code, or any issue like that. It happens with all of the projects I use even the sample ones.

OK, I fixed my issue.
UWS = Universal Windows Solution = Reboot Windows