UE 4.19 and native audio spatialization ?

It’s been a while since I asked this (last time I asked this it was 4.16), but does UE 4.19 natively support audio spatialization (and reverb/reflections) on Android for Samsung Gear VR / Oculus Go ? (not through Steam Audio, but without any plugins)

How do I set it up on the level ?

Thanks beforehand

Yes it now works :slight_smile: You just need to activate the new audio engine for Android.

To do so (from: ):

It works pretty much out of the box then since 4.18 :slight_smile:

One modification I required (and others as well): make sure all your volumes for each sound do not go over 1.0

Is there anything Android specific that needs to be done to get this working? Any known limitations?
I gave it a go, and all runs great on the PC, however it seems that reverb doesn’t have any effect when running the app on the phone/Gear VR.
Using 4.18, that is…