UE 4.15 Release Version can't run iOS remote notification


there is something wrong with iOS remote notification…

UE’s public api associated with iOS remote notification does not work…

I try to using ‘FIOSPlatformMisc::RegisterForRemoteNotifications();’ for recive ‘ApplicationRegisteredForRemoteNotificationsDelegate’.

I can’t recive that on UE 4.15.1.

also can’t recive on UE 4.14 with iOS 10.(iOS 9 is fine).

→ As I known, for resolving this problem UE added iOS remote notification entitlement option. (I checked this when using UE 4.15…, but didn’t working)

I paste project .zip for testing this problem.

  • [project 4.14][2]
  • [project 4.15][3]

It’s very simple. (Testing with valid Bundle ID:can recived remote notification , UE 4.14 , iOS 9 device)



and… finally, I think this problem is really weird beacuse UE 4.15 branch (git source) development version was fine.

(iOS remote notification working like using UE 4.14 & iOS 9 below )

When I make distribution Engine by https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/Development/InstalledBuildReference/index.html , dosen’t work ios remote notification.

same source (donwload from Git hub), Xcode build version is fine.

both engine version is 4.15.2

It may be a similar issue to this post [BUG Confirmed] LocalNotifications don't work on iOS 10 in 4.17.1 - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

I haven’t gone into the source and checked the APIs for remote notifications, but the local notification ones that unreal uses were deprecated in iOS 10. Given you have it working in 9, I’d hazard a guess that the APIs used by unreal for remote notifications on iOS have been deprecated, too.



Epic said

This is the intended behavior for the engine. If you wish to use remote notifications, you will need to build a version of the engine from GitHub where your project has bEnableRemoteNotificationsSupport set to true. This option will be disabled in a future release of the installed engine so as to prevent the confusion.

the guide was added that using git-hub version since 4.17?? installed version …

Do comment that code line which is some #define condition…

and I saw engine use some deprecated iOS delegate not only local notification but also other.