[UE 4.15.1] Engine Crashes while Building the level

Hello guys, yesterday i was creating a level on the engine (Yes, my first level), and when i added to the scene an item(.FBX extension) and hit the Build Button, the engine crashed. I tried to use other .FBX files and still the same, the engines keeps crashing when i try to “Build” the level. What could be causing this ?

My Computer Spec:

*System: Win 10
*Graphic Card: NVIDIA 9800 GT
*RAM: 8.0GB
*2X HDD 320GB
*Processor: Intel i5-2400 3.10 GHz

You may not have enough RAM or your GPU may be too old since it’s well below the minimum requirements.

'kay, thanks. I Was hopping that was it, i was just waiting for a confirmation.

Like darthviper107 said. Ram is at bare min for editor and your video card is way out of date. You can get a decent upgrade well major from a 9800GT for about $200 honestly. Also depending on how complex the scene is even with high end rigs it can lag/crash. I have managed on multiple occasions to either halt the engine dead to slideshow fps or crash it with my current system.

i7 950 3.1Ghz 4 Core 8 Thread
24GB DDR3 G.Skill Gaming Ram
eVga nVidia Titan X 12GB GDDR5 (Maxwell)
750GB 7500RPM HDD
Windows 10 64 Pro

So you might want to upgrade your ram to at least 16GB (Your CPU should at min support 24-32 depending on mobo) and definitely update the video card. You can get a GTX 9xx or even a GTX 10xx for a good price and if you’re not doing insane high poly models in Maya while running UE4 Editor and Zbrush all at once you should be good to go.

This is almost always because of low RAM indeed;
I’ve got new rig with 32GB and I have never seen that happen again.