UE 4.13 - Can't compile code


Can’t compile VaRest plugin source code with UE 4.13.

I got error

e:\MyGame\Plugins\VaRest\Source\VaRestEditorPlugin\Private\VaRest_BreakJson.cpp(58): error C2440: '=': cannot convert from 'UEdGraphPin *' to 'UObject *'
e:\MyGame\Plugins\VaRest\Source\VaRestEditorPlugin\Private\VaRest_BreakJson.cpp(58): note: Types pointed to are unrelated; conversion requires 

of the file .

With UE 4.12 it works nice.

Please, advise me, how to hot fix this issue?

Thank you!


#include "Classes/EdGraph/EdGraphPin.h" 

at the top of the file under the other includes