UE 4.12 Sequencer: Render Movie from chosen Camera?

Hello All,
I’m playing with Sequencer on UE 4.12 Preview and so far it’s amazing and very user friendly. :slight_smile:

The only issue I ran into is when I Render using the “Render this video to a Movie” button, it won’t render the camera I want… it’s always on some default view which I’m not interested.
I would like to render the specific “CineCameraActor1” I Created and animated on the timeline.

How can I make tell the “Render this video to movie” to use the specific Camera I want it to render from?
I didn’t see any option to choose the camera I want.

Thanks ahead!

  • Sorry about my bad English

Perhaps check you classes>?

In the editor, check your Blueprints for Character pawn, and make sure that global game mode matches the local (level) game mode BP’s.

Thanks for the reply, I can’t find a Character pawn in my project, because I don’t use it… it’s for cinematic I don’t need active player.
I believe that I’ve deleted the character start point element when I got started animating in the sequencer.

On the render to movie options there is a mod to select, but it’s nothing that changes the Camera I want to render.

I hope there is a simple way to do it because for now the only solution is to capture… and it’s not as good as pure render within UE4.

If anybody know how to do it please explain step-by-step because I’m a noob when it comes to UE4 but I try to learn Sequencer for Cinematic purposes for now.

As far as I can tell for now Sequencer is like half-chopped experimental feature. It’s really problematic to create a complete scene there as lots of features are still unavailable. And it really sucks, for example I make a thesis project now and feel bad that such powerful tool is still unavailable for proper usage and I have to stick to Matinee instead.

True it’s still not finished but I’m already in love with it compare to how I found Matinee weird for a non-programmer user like myself.
I’m still exploring the options maybe what I’m looking is hidden somewhere…

I was just playing around with this myself and wanted to know the same. It’s actually pretty simple. In sequencer click the camera icon and then camera cuts will be added. Select + and the camera you want to be rendered to video.

Thanks Magneto! so that’s what the plus sign for…
I didn’t know what it’s for the description confused me a bit, I will try it.

180 degree camera

well you can get even a great experience with the 180 degree camera and now full 360 camera rotation is available