UE 4.11 to be dedicated to "speed and performance" optimization...

Greetings Folks!

It seems that UE 4.11 (or is it UE4.12?) to be dedicated to “speed and performance” optimization!!!

  • What do we know about UE 4.11 soo far???

  • What needs or can be made better in “speed and performance” optimization for UE4.11???

  • What is a performance HOG in Unreal engine 4 and what can be done to improve???

  • What else is missing in UE4???

Tell us what you think about all of the above “the good and not soo good”!?

Core rendering systems at the very least, as DanielW said.

Also, NickP mentioned that rendering is not the only area which will be optimized:

So let’s hope for second Christmas!

Paper2D Could use some optimizations

Things such as sprite batching would make it allot better performance wise.

Details here

Superb news, cant wait to see the results. 4.10 is already nice start to better performance.

That is good news… Just a little more speed is always better!

Great news indeed.

Yeah, I think it would be nice if the “non-gamers” could casually play games on their PCs for UE4 at a good speeed.

My PC can already run UE4 at a pretty decent speed. I get 60FPS on average on a 280X and AMD FX-8350. And 4.10 has done nothing but make that even more efficient so I can’t wait to see what 4.11-4.12 will bring to the table!

Stability pls :(.

I getting too much crashes at 4.10

Crashes? Random, or associated with code/BP changes?

Weell, they could…Kinda :smiley:
I’ve managed to get stable 40fps on my horrible Acer Switch E10 transformer in my lil 3d project. I hope I’ll improve this fps up to 60 after Epic optimizations!

Sometimes random , and when trying to open phat.If i move phat file , open engine and re add phat i can get in phat editor.
i sending all crash dumbs .

That’s great, no matter what project you’re working on, better performance is always a big + :slight_smile:
I like UE4 more and more with every new version.
GJ Epic!

They should focus on documentation for some 6 months instead.

While better performance is always welcome, I’d like to hear a “…Dedicated to real time G.I”.

True this aswell.

Any direct or indirect changes to a Blueprint that involves a BP being closed even by association. There is no way to avoided it except to not close the BP until the changes are saved but will still happen if a BP in the edit tab was not saved, an asset in the browser deleted opened in the editor, will in most cases cause UE4 to crash.

In my experience, if you think UE4 has crashed then just wait a little bit longer, it will probably come back.

this and adding in lots of little bits that are missing (from BPs for example)…

You guys are to spoiled with documentation. There is already shitload of it.
Beside that. There are people who make documentation and people who code.