UE 4.11.1 Refuses to detect Rift

I posted this in the answer hub 40 mins ago -> Normally I would just sit and wait and do something else but this project has a deadline. Generally I get more help from the forums anyway.

So the issues is just as the title says. This entire part of this project is in solely VR which means I need the DK2 so that I can test the design. I have tried everything short of uninstalling the engine and reinstalling (because honestly I doubt that will help) it is obviously an issue with sdk 1.3.0… Or something like that. I really don’t have time to muck around with trying to fix something that wasn’t broken yesterday… There doesn’t seem to be anyone else having these issues… So Can I roll back to 4.11?

Have you upgraded the oculus runtime, drivers etc to 1.3.0 on your pc? That version does still work with the DK2 hardware, its not just for the consumer version. Oh yes and graphics card drivers may need an update too in order to get the best of oculus 1.3.0 stuff.

Game engines have generally been updating VR compatibility-related libraries etc very quickly because the vast bulk of their users require it for their users. I know its no fun tripping over the bleeding edge when your particular case doesn’t demand you be there, but its what the bulk of people need so you are probably going to get dragged along for the ride or have to stick with versions of UE4 other than the very latest.

Apologies in advance if I’m barking up the wrong tree, and please note I haven’t actually tried UE4 with 1.3.0 myself. But I do have a DK2 working with Oculus 1.3.0 stuff.

No I will try that I did not update the run time I updated the sdk. Well we are going to be only actually developing for OSVR but I can not afford one right now. I don’t like supporting evil empires :smiley:

Giving it a trying seeing as how that is probably easier than compiling the 4.11 from source I have only done that in linux…

When I did the 1.3.0 install for my DK2 there were various parts of the consumer software installer/setup routine that complained at me, but that might have been something to do with the particular usb ports on my motherboard and despite the errors and stages I had to skip, everything seems to be working really well with 1.3.0 in general once I got to the end of the process. I look forward to trying it with UE4 but I’m only just returning to trying UE4 again now and find myself needing a new hard drive to make room on my dev pc.

Also note that you might need to update your graphics card drivers to maintain Oculus compatibility, I added that info to my original post but I think you’d already read it and replied by then.

Whenever I play in VR Preview the screen is blacked out. I have Oculus home installed which gets opened whenever i hit play in UE4 as well.

Nevermind another member gave the correct steps to making this work properly.

Download and install Oculus home then in the settings click to “allow unknown sources” to interact with the HMD. Install 4.11.1 hotfix and all should work perfectly. :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar issue with HTC Vive Pre. It works fine in 4.10, but it is not recognized in UE4 in 4.11.1. Seems like the same issue but different hardware.

Follow up in case anyone has the same issue: Kulligan and I both discovered that you need to leave SteamVR open while you run UE4. Any advice about drivers and SDKs still applies, of course.

I find Oculus’ website hard to find stuff - a little too web 2.0 if you know what I mean. Anyway here is the link for the new 1.3.0 setup: