UDMI UV Range Limit?

For some reason the engine only detects my UDMI to the range of 1001 to 1008, UV Shells that are in the space 1009 are not detected, all objects were detected (eyes, teeth) but the tongue that is in the 1009 is not, these are the only material slots, that the unreal gives me, even the tongue being in the same situation as the eye and teeth, its slot doesn’t appear.



Okay, I found the problem, as no one answered, I will leave the solution for this here, it’s very simple, but it can pass totally unnoticed, before combining every object (body, tongue, teeth, eyes…), you need to set a material for each one of them, exemple: lambert 1, lambert 2, lambert 3…Then combine them.

PS: it was quite interesting, as I couldn’t find this detail anywhere in my search.
PS 2: I hope this information would help you.

Thank you! :smiley: