UDK3 Texture trouble

Im using UDK 3 and I have my map build out “structure wise” its subtractive map and I can not get the default checkerboard texture to show up in my building, therefore it’s not letting me add texture to my walls and etc… Would anyone know a simple fix to this?

This is the UE4 answerhub, not UDK (there is no UDK 3)

That said, show us an image or something similar so we can see whats up.
Also, its actually better if you make it al out of meshes.

And this is for a project in school, i have to make the levels subtractive

You probably need to press either Q or B (or maybe W or D) on your keyboard.

That said, not sure who told you to use substractive bsp, but they are living in the past.
I have contact with a variety of ue4 teachers and educators, which school/education are you talking about, and ask your teacher if he wants to get into contact with an epic/ue4 evangelist. (not me, but one of my buddies)

This program I’m in “Simulation and Game Development” is new to the school. But the teacher want us to use UE3 and that’s what we make all of our projects in. So sadly cant use the new version. But hitting Q turned on the builder brush and hitting B made my map disappear.