UDK to UE4 Volumetric Lightbeam Tutorial conversion [question]

Hello UE4 addicts. I ran into a small material problem, creating a Falloff for stage light beams.
The final outcome should be something that looks like the volumetric beam structure from the tutorial above.

In short words, i am stuck creating this material - the tutorial gave some nice hint how to do it but the conversion seems more advanced (if not impossible due to the fact its not UE4?).

[FONT=Arial Black]Question: Are there any similar resources for UE4 that could help understanding the creation of simple or advanced falloff’s inside UE4?
Base is literally the same: cylinder that needs a blurred falloff map, typical stage light behavior.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. If i get used to it, i may write down my experiences into a new tutorial/downloadable project for newcomers (in a way newcomers can follow and understand).


Check out the project named Blueprints in the Learn tab of the launcher. It has godray and viewcone(for spotlight) materials that you may find useful.

Thank you Jacky. Aside this i found this tutorial that might be useful for certain users:

Guess this helps a lot moving forward. Now heading to Audio based animation :wink: