UDK rules

Ok so I have 1 game in UDK 10 GBs and I have 5 other projects in UE4, from that project from UDK 100% of times it works when packaging, when I pack with UE4 only 1 our of 5 projects work, should I port " Roll back " all my projects to the best engine that the world has ever known?

Is it just the packaging and creating a setup that is the problem? I’m surprised it’s that bad tbh.

no, it isn’t that bad :rolleyes:

@Neongho do you use only BP or do you also use C++ in your projects?

@Chosker I use BP is that the reason why ? actually C++ would be awesome .. Is it cool now with C++ because before like 1 year ago it took 10 min to compile any kind of project, what about now? maybe I can dress up mannequins in C++. xD

@ciox Yes, it crashes with some node or something, perhaps the is valid macro? I have no idea.

@Chosker Where is the compile button in editor in UE4 2.34 ? it disappeared… do you have to from visual studio?

well blueprint has as much “safety nets” as unrealscript - i.e. it should produce all kinds of warnings of what would be crashes if it were c++. looking at your big log file and all the script warnings you had, honestly I’m not surprised if your game can end up crashing :rolleyes:
c++ compilation can be fast or slow depending on many factors - how much code changes you do at once, if you change code in headers or just body, if you separate and modularize your classes, if you know to use forward declarations… in short if your code is good and if you have a proper harware setup (the UE4 project, visual studio and windows all located in an SSD), you can compile as fast as compiling unrealscript - but as long as Hot Reload works you actually save up the time of loading the editor/game

compile button (Hot Reload) is still there for me in “UE4 2.34” (4.24 is the latest :smiley: )

I’ll send you a screenshot hold on…