UDK Docs search feature is broken

@Epic. I’m an UE3 developer, and the UDN’s (UDN | WebHome) search feature is currently broken and now redirects to a “403 Forbidden”.

Please could you look into getting this fixed as the UDN is a critical resource for devs still working in UE3.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will escalate this to our online team.

For future reference, we don’t refer to the UDK documentation as “UDN” anymore. That name has passed along to our private support site.


Thanks for your response. I’ll look forward to being able to search the docs again once the online team has taken a look.

Edit: It looks as though they have made a change so that the UE3 search now just searches the UE4 docs, rendering the UE3 search still unusable. Please could you take a further look into a fix for this?


That’s not the end goal and we know this isn’t resolved. This is still under investigation.

Great thanks for the response!

Apologies for the delay on resolution. I’m following up again with our web team.


The issue with UDK search is now fixed. Good luck with your projects.

Thank you Epic.Little companies these days show this type of respect and support.That is one of the main reasons you guys are on top :wink:

Also i recommend to the current UE3 developer to use something like Httrack and download a offline copy of the UDN UDK/UE3 documentation in case this happens again and you don’t want to wait a week or two for Epic to fix it.I did a test download today that resulted it 3,4gb but with some errors so i will have to check if everything is there and obviously the search will not work in offline mode, but its still a alternative if this happens again.

[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] Thanks for fix. Much appreciated!

when you guys have the time, can you please flip the ON switch? (was probably forgotten when the UE4 forums got online yesterday) 404 on the udk forums though…site/en-US/udk

Hey @O_and_N are you still having trouble with the UDK search?

And thanks [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] I know there’s not a lot of us left, but those of us trying to wrap up projects really do need and appreciate the UDK documentation.
Yeah, its still 404 page is missing for the forums :frowning: Only way to do some kind of work is to type in google the word you are searching and than add ‘‘’’ and from there hope that the page will offer a cached mode to read from.
If Epic wants to save some space, in my opinion they can delete the archived ut2004 forum to save space as they are bigger than the archived UDK forums.Maybe even delete the archived Unreal Tournament 3 forums?If it comes to that, but the UDK archived part of the forums should not be a burden to Epic.Not that it matters but even guys like 3d realms have their archived modding forums saved.

I could also use access to the old forums, there’s not a lot of places to go to otherwise, hoping this gets resolved.

UDK search is an important part of those who are still working on UDK projects.
I hope the UDK search problem will be resolved quickly.

Thank you for the fix, I use it a lot too.

Thanks for fixing the udk search. I’ve used it a bunch.

Well, its been a month without the archived udk forums. Stephen, is there any info from the web & community teams having fixed the security problems? If it represents a burden to Epic, you can always give us a rar or something of the old forums and one of us will host it on another personal site,preserving all Epic games rights and logos and what you guys want.It will be just for reading purposes and not a working forum.So you guys wont loose us or anything :rolleyes: . We will even try to make our own search function.The amount of unreal script and C code there is the same,if not a little more than the current UE4 forums, and technically most of that info was created and provided by the users(my self included) , so I doubt Epic will have any use of it.

Cheers guys :wink:

Hey all, we’re still working with the web team on a solution. Please note that the information will be made available, as we have no intentions of keeping it perpetually offline. We will update you as soon as possible.

Great news! And thank you for the update guys.

Hello my friend, thaks for the information. As many of us said here, the ammount of knowledge available on the legacy UDK Forum is for sure HUGE, as it cummulates years of postings, on a time when Unreal Engine 3 was (and for most of us still is) the top notch game development solution.

This knowledge is to be preserved, and I myself can host the site if it represents a burden for EPIC Games, as we still love UDK, and many of us, mainly myself, will still keep using UDK to develop our games for a long time :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: