UDK and Unreal Engine 4, some info please?

Hi. Im currently using Unity3d as game engine, but planning to change to UDK. I have few questions.
Is Unreal Engine just an extension to UDK? So can i learn and use UDK, and then subscribe to Unreal Engine? If yes, then can i continue my game, that i made in UDK, after i subscribed to Unreal Engine? Is the code and the editor are the same in both of them?
I know these are silly questions, but i could not find any information, about these two.Im really considering to start learning udk/u4, cuz unity really limits me. Thanks in advance.

UDK → the free version of the UE3. With UDK experience it will be easier for you to start with the UE4, but I personally would directly go with the newer engine, because you cant port your stuff from UDK into the UE4! (just meshes and textures can be ported). :slight_smile:

Many stuff works the same in the UE4, but there are also many differences → e.g

  • UE4 = C++; UDK = Unreal Script
  • UE4 = Blueprints; UDK = Kismet (it’s comparable with the level bp from the UE4)
  • they have a different UI

Thanks alot. I think im gonna learn UDK for few weeks, then go for full engine :slight_smile:

Directly start with the UE4. Many stuff that you will learn in UDK will be wasted time :wink:

Thx,for advice :wink: