UDIM textures in UE4?

As title says. How can i use udim texture sets in UE? i plan to texture a model in s painter using udim uvs, and i plan to export to UE but i dont even know if UE supports it or if there is a way (through making a special material or something) to allow it.

I cant use one single uv square space because the model is big and i want the texel density to be as good as possible.

Thanks in advance.

So, must i assume that ue4 does not support UDIM?? oh sigh. I guess i would need to migrate to unity then. What a dissapointment…

Can’t have looked very far…

No UE doesn’t support UDIM (at the moment), other than using the Granite plugin (free trial for 1 month or about $900 per user!). I think it would be a good addition, but material ID’s and UDIM have both pro’s and con’s and I think I would rather stick with Mat ID’s.

Unity doesn’t use UDIM either.

Both Unreal and Unity not supports UDIM.
Here solution you can apply simple shader with patch selection per UV Square and then export it to Unreal so Unreal can read them as separate material slot. (Face-level shading)

Or best If you can pay Use Granite plugin.

Unity wont support either.

Hey there!

From some time ago we have UDIM support in Unreal using Virtual Textures.

Very detailed explanation in their documentation

it does not work in correct way, tiles are placing in the wrong order onto the objects.

Hello Andron, the naming convention part is what is giving you issues probably, check the UDIM Tiling names in your software, and double check them after exporting. So you get something like BaseColor.1001.png - BaseColor.1002.png and so on. If you are using substance painter you should create a configuration to generate that kind of names for Unreal on Export. Hope it helps!

thank you for answer! naming was correct. But I’ve found that UE4 UDIM tiles incorrect placement is known issue and promised to be fixed in future releases and the thread about it is here:
[Virtual Texturing Feedback - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums][1]

for now it can be solved my manipulating with V coordinate in material editor like this: