UCollisionProfile::ConvertToCollisionChannel() is not exported

Three UCollisionProfile methods are not exported in “CollisionProfile.h”. They are ConvertToCollisionChannel, ConvertToObjectType, ConvertToTraceType.

This makes it very unconvenient to convert bertween ETraceTypeQuery and ECollisionChannel, or EObjectTypeQuery and ECollisionChannel, and vice-versa. For example, when dynamically changing collision response in an object.

Hello ClaudioFreda,

Thank you for this report. I’ve logged a feature request for these functions to be part of ENGINE_API under the number UE-27801. While I can’t guarantee that it will be approved and that the change will be made, I can say that it will be considered. I’ll be sure to update you here with any further information.

Have a nice day!

Thanks a lot. Nice response time!