Ubuntu 20.04 UE4Editor cannot find compatible Vulkan device or driver

I successfully built UE4Editor on Ubuntu 20.04, but it won’t run. I have spent hours trying to get Vulkan to install, and even had fun trying to get out of a seemingly permanent 320x200 video mode.

There is a question about this problem on 18.04, and the solution was to run UE4Editor with a -opengl4 option.

Unfortunately that -opengl4 option is ignored, and I get the Vulkan error every time.

Is there a compile-time option to make this work? Should I wipe 20.04 and try building with 18.04?


Hello Realmlord

I wouldn’t recommend the opengl4 option if possible. I tried that too as I had trouble as well, but there’s just another error message afterwards I had to deal with and the editor didn’t start at all. And after all, vulkan is the future :wink: I’m using a 1080 ti card btw.

  1. Have you installed the proprietary drivers for your graphics card? I believe they are necessary. Click the windows button (maybe command on mac, don’t know) which shows the unity launcher with the search box (you can also get there by pressing the menu icon on the unity launcher/bar. Search for “Additional Drivers” or “software & Updates” (same app actually) and start this application. Under the “Additional Drivers” tab select the appropriate latest driver for your graphics card and click on Apply changes. Then I’d suggest doing a reboot and try again with starting unreal engine :wink:

  2. For me the problem finally lied in the unreal engine version. Please make sure when downloading it, that you select the proper branch first and not just download the latest version (which is I believe 4.26.1). I had to download 4.26.0 to make it work. 4.26.1 gave me vulkan memory and other vulkan error messages. But 4.26.0 works perfectly for me :slight_smile: I’m not sure about other earlier versions, I just switched to Ubuntu a month ago :wink:

Good Luck!!