U-Racer (Working Title)

Okay, a quick introduction. U-Racer is an old project of mine at first aimed at Unreal’99 with 227 patch. But, as I wasn’t able to make it working online I decided to go and make it Unreal Engine 4.

Well, here’s the result:

For more information and updates you can visit my Facebook Page. (Hope I can post a link here)
U-Racer Game

Cheers, Z.

It reminds me the good old wipeout.

First facebook like xD

You’re off to a great start!

Looks really good, nice work :slight_smile:

This looks awesome, can’t wait to start my own future racer whenever I find the time.

This is pretty cool, nice job. =)

It looks great!
I can ask how did you create the tracks?
are they modular parts created in a 3D modeling software?

Yes, they are, no fancy UE4 magic here. Yet.

Wow that looks like it will be a lot of fun. I also thought about pursuing a scifi racing game in Unreal '99. But I got distracted by other stuff. Was probably working on GODZ for UT '99 right around then though

Allright, a simple non textured sketch of the third map I’m making. Gotta playthrough it first to check what is good and what is rubbish.

1969402_728587867202425_7883582617782365246_n.png 10296860_728587857202426_8277271707288025907_n.png

Looks promising! It reminds me of an old game that I used to play. I don’t remember its name. You raced in a weird semi transparent neon colored hover vehicles. Does anyone have an idea what the name could be?

Anyway, I would increase the speed a little bit. Especially in the beginning where you had two racers, it looked quite slow.

I’d be interested to know how you kept it floating above the track like that

Allright, I suppose I can show you the rough blueprint I made.

Basically there are 8 points in the model which is a static mesh with the Physics enabled. 4 points are the upper Trace Start locations and the other 4 are Trace End locations at the bottom. The whole trick is to create a Pitch and Roll values with these 4 traces. Then by combining GetAxes and GetUnAxes I managed to translate the rotation int GimbalLock free rotation. A video will explain more. And sorry for crappy quality, I don’t have any good recording software yet.

Ah, yeah I was wondering what your approach was. I’m working on something similar, my approach was to do physics based movement with thrusters and having the main body be a physics object.

Doing it manually gets a lot more predictable results though, might need to switch over to that like you have. I mostly did it like this because I’m not a programmer, I’m an artist (placeholder meshes aside), and doing it like this is giving better results than I would probably get myself at first.

Edit: And I don’t have the faintest idea how the results would replicate online, that all depends on if the physics calculations have an RNG somewhere or not.

nice work, though it seems really hard to steer. With my technique you can do that without physics, just an actor with velocity and rotation thingies. I did the same in Unreal Engine 1 with 227 patch. Yep, the first one, give me a sec, I’ll dig up a vid.

It might look stiff but that’s because there’s no camera animation at all. And this works online (more less). So, I believe you can do that with replicable non physics object in UE4, I am going to work that out. If you’re interested we can try that together. cause, you know, I need someone who can help me make that work online.

Edith: But, wait. My ship is a physics object as well. But it has hard rotation controll over the surface. It doesn’t trace the normal, nope, it traces 4 points and with Torque it adjusts it to match it as well as it is possible. Works fine with physics.

Add me on Skype (l.parkeshaskell) - and I’ll give you a hand with some fancy magic. UE4 has some good tools and you genuinely do not need to do all the modeling by hand - you can do a fair bit procedurally and in-editor, which will really help you when it comes to making proper levels.

I love this kind of game, so I’m very keen to see something good come of it.

P.S. Since you and Daniel are working on something very similar, have you considered sharing knowledge and pooling your resources into one project :)?

Might have been my secret reason for making the first public post about my project in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Realy nice work !!!
I’d be happy to try your assets.
Plz, share it :o

Who do you make the tracks?

I’m making the tracks, all parts are pure static meshes with some texture rendered on for GI or shadows… Or Tesselation. And for the time being I will not share any of them.