TXT online,how to do

you will say “a” for your onece talk

there will be a、b、c……,you can think it is name for this saying

when you need say,for a name to this time chance

a:all we start talk!

a:oo……how you think~

b: a need talk only

a:how you want to see……i thenk it’s need

b:he will make a good games!like

like this rule,how you think~

take your party A or B

Ap can make the art with the hourse map

Bp can take the Ap’s art for the hourse maping and maped

How do you see~

i thenk will a fight for the like!

:white_circle: in the rule

△can rule the things for the palyer to use the hourse other

□will be the bester say theis talk or TXT rule in the :white_circle:

Ap can take the hourse speeds becuarse the make 已绘制长度

Bp can up the hourse speeds for the take the art’s some~

in the art,Bp will be fight with the Ap


Bp can take the same where’s Ap ↑

in the →←,Ap‘s HP=Ap’s staried DEF=Ap’s upen ATR=Ap make’s art somethings(Ap 已绘制直线数目)

Bp’s HP=Bp‘s move DEF=Bp’s move ATR=Bp’s tkaed art some is(Bp 已破坏直线数目)