two UV channels on one mesh

Hey Guys,
I’ve been looking for a long time a solution to my problem.
For example:
I have one object. I made in maya mapping on the first uv set named “uvOne” and then I create new uv set named “uvSecond” and I changed the mapping, so I have two different UV sets on one mesh. Now I want to make a material for the whole model based on the “uvOne” (on the image green line) and then I want to make second material based on the “uvTwo”.
I want to make stitches on my cloth material, so I want to make a base textures for all and add on the top texture with alpha on the different uv set to make visible stitches on top of my base textures.
It’s really hard to understand, I hope its clear and someone will help me solve this problem :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance
Also, I attached images to help understand what I talk about :smiley:

That’s fine, if you have multiple UV channels then they will import to UE4 just fine. In your material you can drop in your texture map and then plug in a TextureCoordinate node into the UV input of the texture and then in the settings for the TextureCoordinate node you can set the UV channel to use for that texture map.

darthviper107–> Yes, I tried textureCoordinate but when I change UV channel to use it’s not working, its not “read” second UV channel still using first UV channel.

Ok, it works. I forgot that obj doesn’t keeps two uv channels but when I export as fbx it works !! :smiley:
thank you :slight_smile: