Two transparent materials bleed into one

I am using UE4 purely for Cinematics (short animated films) andI have some transparent materials in my UE 4.25.3 and when they are under a certain camera angle from certain distance (you see, when the same angle is applied BUT the distance is shorter I do not have this problem) they bleed into one another, that is UE4 does not know which one to render in front of the other - why is that?

My logic is telling me that such an advanced software as UE4 would get without any problem which one of those two transparent materials is closer to camera and that one should be drawn in front of the other, right? So why it is not like that, what’s wrong with the UE4 rendering logic?

I saw on some other posts here that we can try to use Translucent Priority value for this, but it does not work here for me as my trans materials are part of the same object (LEGO building) and also my camera is moving so they change their position towards camera depending on where the camera actually is and what is its view angle so it would be of no help anyway.

Can anyone tell me if it can be done (fixed) and why in the world in year 2020 we have to deal with such absurdities (like “my software does not know which of two objects is closer to camera so it renders them together across one another”)? :rolleyes::confused: