Two questions regarding HDRIs and raytracing

I’m coming from an artistic 3D software background, and there’s a couple of things about how Unreal handles things (well, more than a couple, heh) that I haven’t been able to find solutions to yet. Hoping someone can help and apologies if these are newbie questions.

  • Do you always have to use an additional light with an HDRI in order to cast shadows? I’m able to use an HDRI by itself in programs like Blender or DAZ Studio and have it cast very defined shadows, but the same HDRI in Unreal casts no shadows.

  • Can you temporarily disable raytracing in the preview windows or only have it active when rendering to the Movie Render Queue? I want it active for the final output, but having it on while building a scene makes my 2080ti run a bit warm and it gets hot in here pretty quickly. :wink: I’ve tried switching viewing modes, but it doesn’t appear to have any effect.

Thanks very much for any suggestions.