Two Questions: Full screen mode and Lightmaps

Hello there.

Question one: I’ve been working in unreal and once I’ve package a game, I have to hit Alt+Enter to make it full screen. I have searched for this answer and have been in circles with no helpful solutions. How do I auto enter full screen mode right after clicking the game icon.

Question two: I was struggling to get high quality shadows but I’ve managed fix them now. I was wondering when increasing the lightmap resolution, is it the item that is being cast you need to increase the lightmap of, or the item that is being cast on too?

Hopefully this makes sense to someone…


  • Ryan

Hi Ryan,

  1. The information contained in this post should work: How to - FULLSCREEN - packaged build? - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums
  2. When increasing the lightmap resolution for poorly baked shadow quality you would increase the lightmap resolution on the actor receiving the shadows.

I hope this helps.