Two questions about Lyra

1 : Where does B_SimpleHeroPawn handle movement? as in, the actual calls to the charactermovement component. I can’t find any call to the component in any of the player character blueprint and it’s kinda mind boggling

2 : A lot of lyra supposedly revolves around attaching components to characters & controllers at runtime and yet when selecting either in editor while the game is running neither have things like the equipment, inventory & weapon components despite these systems clearly being active and functional in gameplay. where do they go and when then?

on question 2: i know theres an experience load step and i think thats where it loads the components set the in the experience which also sets where they go such as controller or player controller or game state, you can get the inventory component for example in a pawn by getting its controller and then finding component by class. there are other places that set components to load like the experience does tho, for example gamefeature plugin definitions and i couldnt tell you when those get loaded

Check the ULyraHeroComponent C++ class. That is where player input is translated to Pawn input.

For example see the Input_Move method.

Nothing in Lyra is explicitly calling the CharacterMovementComponent (CMC). Instead, Lyra is translating player input to Pawn input, and the CMC is reading the Pawn input.

Regarding question 2, @gazorpo is correct. Check the Experience Definition to see which components get injected into which actors at runtime.