Two oculus Rift connected to GTX1060

Can you tell me if I connect 2 oculus rift to the two HDMI outputs of the GTX 1060, do we run the risk of losing FPS performance in the two Rift? Will the performance be divided or will we perform the same performance if only 1 Rift is connected?

Sounds like a weird idea to me. How would the system know which one of the two HMD to track? Suppose you make it work by replicating the output to one Rift to the other Rift, one of the two users will get very sick because he would not be in control of his head at all.

This said, I don’t think there is a way to add 2 distinct HMD’s to the same machine through the Oculus Application. What would be your use case anyway?

'm looking for a solution so that a particular file (packaged VR content from UE4) works on 2 or more oculus Rifit on the same PC.
Explaining better, I want to offer my clients the possibility to display myVR product in 2 or more oculus rift at the same time using only 1 pc. I am a developer of Vr for the real estate market, and in this business segment it is essential to expand the presentation to the largest possible number of people.
In summary, I want to have a few 6 rift glasses available for the same presentation, without having to have 6 Pcs for this job. So what came to my mind was only 1 PC with 6 VGas at CrossFire. I have no idea if this can work. Do you think this is my crazy solution? Can a more reasonable idea?

There are people who have hooked up a Vive and a Rift to the same PC, using two virtual machines and two GPU’s, You would need a beefy PC and setup the 2 Oculus so their respective tracking has no chance to interfere (e.g. facing opposite directions with the PC in the center). Not sure it will work though, especially handling the VR Focus for each VM. If you have the hardware you can try. But more than two Rufts looks like an impossible challenge to me.

Thanks Marco, it really seems like an impossible mission. I tried to avoid but, I think I’ll have to work with one machine for each Rift.

Or wait and get a bunch of Oculus Go.