Two Different Looking VR Hands

Hi. Trying to make it so i can have two seperate looking vr hands.

In bp_motion_controller under “invert scale on hand mesh to create left hand” i deleted hand mesh and dragged the left hand mesh node that I created (changed the skeletal mesh to look like left hand) there and did the same under “only left hand collide with environment while gripping”.

I understand that the invert left hand section is more for just mirroring two of the same hands.

When trying it out i get the two different looking hands on top but then the opposite hands are underneath them. Do i have to make a seperate bp_motion_controller or if i do it in the original one what else would i do to make it work? Thanks

Rather than adding a mesh, you need to get a reference to the hand and then setMesh to your new hand mesh.

For get a reference to the hand under bp_motioncontroller blueprints i added a skeletal mesh component and assigned my left hand mesh to it and then dragged in to blueprints.

For setmesh i added a set skeleton mesh component node. Skeleton mesh node (left hand mesh) only plugs into “in skeleton mesh component”.

Is this the correct node setup and would this still go into the invert left hand sections?

you can set it anywhere after the hand motion controller bp is spawned.

Here’s just after the spawn, in the MotionControllerPawn. Pull the blue wire off the spawn node and search for the hand mesh component. Then add the setSkeletalMesh node.

Here’s where you set yours, in the BP_MotionController when the hand is inverted for right-hand.

The only mistake made previously was adding a second skeletal mesh. All you had to do was overwrite the current one.

Awesome both hands are now working! Thank you for helping and taking the time to provide pictures as it made it easier to understand. Have a great day.