Two colors process by area ?

Hi !

I have an urban project that i want to render in UE4 while playing, through a specific way that i don’t know how to achieve.

Here is my top map view :

Only a small area is playable.
The effect i want to complete is to make the playable area “in color” and all the rest (the environment) fading to a “black and white” color.

Here is preview that i did in Photoshop to illustrate it :

The goal is like two process volumes but for an area location and not to the player location affecting the entire view.
We need to always see the environment black and white, and the playable ground in color, wherever the player is.

Any idea how to proceed ?

Sorry for my poor english, and thanks in advance for your reponses !

Hi Limpieza -

Assuming that you will be playing the game in a closer third or first person view, You can setup your materials for your objects to render in color or Black and White based on a Location-Based Sphere Mask whose size and exact dimensions is controlled in a blueprint. Alan Willard one of Epic’s Tech Artists has put together a great video tutorial for a setup just like this one. He specifically deals with Opacity but you could also change it to deal with color.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi, thanks for the answer.

It looks really amazing.
You were right, i forgot to mention it’s a game with a First Person view.

Quick question using this method, if i am correct, i should use a sphere mask on every materials of my scene, is that correct ?

I have approximately 20 materials ~~ (Ground, building, wall, trees (branches, leaves, …) and more), Is the simple way is to create a sphere mask for the color of each material using the same location (assuming the playable area is a sphere) ?

Thank you.

Hi -

Yes, I would setup a Material Function with all of your Sphere Mask setup which then is placed in all your materials. Doing this way if you ever need to change something you only need to change it one time in the Function and it will propagate to all the materials using that function.

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum