[Twitch] UT Update and AI Discussion - May 15, 2014

Hi everyone, tomorrow at 2pm ET we’re looking forward to sharing an update on the new Unreal Tournament collaboration with the UE4 development community. After a short break, senior programmers Broder and Mieszko Zielinski will lead a discussion on artificial intelligence and the team’s current focus on AI-related features. As always, there will be news updates, community spotlights and live Q&A.

What: UT Update and AI Discussion
When: Thursday, May 15, 2 p.m. EDT [countdown clock]](://www.timeanddate/countdown/to?month=05&day=15&hour=14&min=00&p0=207&msg=Unreal+Engine+4+Twitch)
Where: Twitch.tv/UnrealEngine


Unreal Tournament update (2-2:20pm)
o UT community first week snapshot
o Current discussions and progress
o Topics of interest

Break (2:20-2:25pm)

News and 4.2 Preview (2:25-2:40pm)

Community spotlight (2:40-3pm)

AI discussion + demo (3-3:15, maybe longer!)

Live Q&A (3:15-3:30pm)

You know what to do next - ask your questions below!

3 questions, feel free to use all or none

will we see the likes of the ELO rating being used to help new and casual gamers play others at their own skill level?

will epic help competitive play by hosting a site for online competitions and ladders?

will the game ship with good built in voice chat?

Pretty sure any of this will be answered with " too early to tell" but what the heck:

Any possibility of using advanced AI such as Watson for this game?

What sort of protection is it being planned to protect map/content creators?

What sort of security will be used to stop unstoppable hack sites like artificial aiming?

Will you go for something new and tweaked yet again or try to remake one of the previous games making it prettier?
Will there be a spectator proxy for broadcasted tournaments?
Will there be an automated competitive match maker for the different gametypes?

I know these probably won’t be answered this early at least not the 2nd two but that’s the stuff I’m most interested in right now
I know these are 3 and not 1 so count only the first one if you’re going to count any of them please :slight_smile: It’s the most relevant now anyhow

Could Epic please create a licensing deal with Scaleform to include with subscribed Ue4?

Here are my questions:

  1. Does Epic consider making a pure, separate Unreal Editor (without any insight into source code or alike) for hobby-mappers (basically like the “separate editor for released games” idea that was voiced somewhere else on these forums)?

  2. If so, would you plan on keeping it up to date as the game and engine progresses?

  3. If it is about the money (getting income from engine), couldn’t you sell said pure UEd with a single-time payment (e.g. $60) without subscription?

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t limit it to just one, most important one is the very first here.

Just some things that I’ve been wondering about since the announcement. I’m afraid that a subscription might scare away talented mappers who do not like the subscription policy and having more tools than they need if they just want to create maps and not any other kind of content.

Hi, I am novaz and I have a few questions;

  1. Is there a style of art direction for the maps the future of Unreal Tournament is looking at, such as machine based, gothic style or Low Polygon style levels?

  2. Will UT offer playable alpha and beta versions to assure they get community feedback to make the game better as game development progresses?

Thank you for your time.


Will there be a skill based matchmaking system, so that casals and ppl who didnt play in a looong time even have a chance to have fun?

I’d like to know this as well.

In addition, if we don’t end up going with Steam, will there be a way to add and chat with friends outside of servers? A Battle.net for UT, so to speak. I’m not talking about those IRC rooms either, I mean privatized chat windows, which would be pretty awesome if we head the UT99 menu route like it seems like everyone is agreeing on.

I’d imagine that everyone who has access to the source will be able to build it whenever. You can guarantee someone will have a download of it somewhere where everyone else can get in on the action and post their opinions on movement/weapon balance/etc. At least, I hope that’s how it will be. That’d means we’d be playing DM REAAL soon. ;D

For people interested in development what documentation guidelines for standards will be available and when

Also a project plan and timeline for development so people can have an idea what aspects they should and should not work on.

Are you open to other communication platforms being alternative places for discussion (reddit seems like an ideal place)

Thanks guys, lets keep this going!

Well Sly took all the questions that we needed :stuck_out_tongue:
Mine as well, because why not

  1. Is the art style going to reflect more the UT99 one with low polygons, less details but great atmosphere? We don’t need all the details, clean and crispy things are better, no?
  2. Are you going for a more competitive and fast paced approach (ala UT99) or something different? Some plans in mind?
  3. If there will be an Unreal Editor (as a mod tool), will we be able to make only new maps or other contents as well? And how hard is going to be the mapping process in regards of older versions (like UED1)?

reformule the 3rd better if you can ^^

  1. How much, in both assets and game design, will the community be contributing to the base game?
  2. How will the UE4 marketplace be integrated with the new UT?
  4. What absolutely positively certainly definitively will not be in the new UT?
  5. Unreal Tournament on mobile and tablets: Could it be done? Are you up to the challenge?

I reserve the rest of my time for the senator from New Jersey.

Actually the best question would be: Is this game going to be towards veterans of UT or towards with more casual noobs?
That would resolve many issues

Q: If a map costs $$ in the marketplace, will every player joining a server with that map be required to buy it?

Movement: floaty UT2kx-style or grounded UT(3) style?

(I can think of a million other questions, but this one is the one we need an answer for before one half of this community kills the other half :wink: ).

is it more important to target casual players or competitive players?
is there a way to reconcile the competitive and casual crowds?
discussion on the forum suggests UT needs to adopt more modern game design ideas, do you agree? any in particular?

Does Epic games want a new Unreal Tournament game with a completely fresh approach, or a revamped Tournament based on the best bits of previous games?

So are we actually getting UT-related answers this time?

1.)Even so the project has just started when is first alpha version of Unreal Tournament planned to be released?
2.) How much the community is actually involved into the game, will you implement only deathmatch mode and let community do the rest?