[Twitch] UE4 Rivalry Google I/O demo, VR, Blueprints & more - June 26, 2014

After a great showing at E3 2014, Unreal Engine technology made a splash yesterday with the high-end “Rivalry” Android demo and other projects. **
Here’s what you didn’t see in Google’s keynote**!
In addition, we’re hosting a dev discussion with Nick Whiting, our go-to guy for VR and Blueprint intel.

Twitch stream: Google I/O news, VR, Blueprints & more

2pm EDT today countdown clock]


Nick Whiting, Lead Engine Programmer
Dana Cowley, Senior Marketing Manager
Guest appearances TBD

Tell us what you want to know about the Rivalry demo, VR, Blueprints and anything else here in this thread!

I think it would be great to hear about true mathematical procedural animation and if that is a option that maybe coming to blue prints. I also recall hearing about a cut and paste feature coming to blue prints on one of the live streams and was curious about a status update on that tool.



Firstly, that demo is so awesome, it had many elements I am considering in my own game, it had some seriousness, beautiful visuals, and had humor and some arcade mixed with a modern twist, that always makes you feel at home, so I’m very inspired by this demo, secondly, ok, here’s a few questions I have.

On the Arcade Machine:
Was Tappy Chicken displayed on the Arcade Machine screen using a pre-recorded video being played back and overlayed onto a surface, or was it setup like a playable/interact-able mini game rendered onto the surface?

If Tappy Chicken in the Arcade Machine was setup like a playable mini-game that actually functions, did it use a Blueprint Interface for the actions and timing when the charactors pressed the buttons on the machine or was that done manually through animation playback separately?

On the Characters:
Was BVH Motion used to animate the characters or were they done mainly by hand in an animation package? Regardless, it looked great!

If the characters used BVH Motion, which workflow and/or tools (such as capture and recording system) was used to produce that result?

During the creation of the characters, was a tool such as dDo or Substance Painter used, or were the material surfaces simply wired and painted using techniques directly available already in Unreal Engine using what **Disney **uses for PBR methods? I’m curious about this as I’m about to purchase one of those painting programs very soon, but also noticed portions of that workflow already appears to be in the default Material Editor, Folder Management, and Blueprint System in Unreal Engine, and Unreal Engine does have the ability to paint onto surfaces so I considered possibility of using Multi-layering of Materials in Material editor and using the Paint Tool to create the Masks using Vertex Coloring and Texture Painting.

On the Level Itself:
I didn’t notice any water dropping in the demo but noticed the existing water reflections on the floor, does the level include any water dripping as was in the Reflections Subway downloadable content sample?

Was this level done entirely with blueprints with the updated API interface functionality handled in the background?

About Content Re-usability:
Lastly, if I wanted to do some sort of a tribute in the future in my game for Unreal Engine, say for instance I wanted to put that Arcade Machine in an area in a game level either in an arcade setting with other machines in game or another portion of a level where players could see or even interact with Tappy Chicken, and then the Unreal Engine Logo displayed in center of the screen at some point, when the downloadable content is available would I have permission to do that?

-Thank you!

really nice demo but what sort of mobile device would be the minimum to run that sort of thing and how would it stand up game wise like a fps or tps to use those effects

Here we go:

  • With these new API as iOS Metal and Android Expansion Pack is capable of restrictions on Materials, Textures, Content and Perfomance disappear or diminish?
  • There are plans to update the UDK Remote? Any chance of a version for Android?
  • Is there any remote possibility in the future for games for Mac are exported from Windows and vice versa?

I think that’s it, I’m very curious to see what you will talk about VR and Blueprints, very excited.
Will we have a date for 4.3? Lol:-D

I have a question for you on HUD design. I tried implementing a HUD in blueprints only to find out that everything changes when I change my screen resolution. Is there any way to fix that in blueprint. Also, should I wait until UMG is built to create a HUD for my project?

Can you tell us anything about the framerate of the demo on the K1? Maybe even something on the power consumption while running it?

I have another question for you about blueprints. How do you return the total number of items in an enumeration?


Questions about VR:

  • any update on the timewarp integration ? And general status of Oculus SDK integration ?
  • a time frame for the 4.3 release ? Will it brings all the above ? Enough for the DK2 positional tracking?
  • any improvement on default settings for VR (like HMD 100 by default) ?
  • Or auto scallability settings ?
  • release date for the Couch Knights demo ?
  • any new features supported on stereo mode (like screen space reflexion) ?


Great questions!


  • Light Propagation Volumes and stereo rendering - any word?

Watching stream and wanted to touch on Procedural Animation animation Is what i was going on. :slight_smile: hope this clarifies what i was looking into :slight_smile: Thanks guys!


I have some questions about networking:
Me and my team are working in a mmo there are any plans to have a release of some kind of tutorial/plugin?
Who should we talk with to get some help? We would love to talk about our project with you guys and trying to get some help/guidance in some parts of our project.

Thanks for your time

Thanks for answering my question on the stream today! I will start working on that “HUD” fix this afternoon.


Top class Rift support is vital to my continued use of UE4

release date for the Sequencer?

Can I download a recording somewhere?

All the videos are on both YouTube and Twitch. Online downloaders exist for YouTube :wink:

Just had a chance to watch this stream. Thanks for the community spotlight on my project! :slight_smile: