[Twitch] New Launcher! Water! ALL THE THINGS and MORE - Jan 22, 2015 @ 2PM ET

The mythical creature joins us week on the stream to go over a new water pack which will be available soon for Unreal Engine! Also, we’re rolling out a new launcher, with a slick new look and resizability! Other news rolling in as well!

Thursday, Jan. 22th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]



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Edit: The YouTube archive is now available!


New launcher?! You make my job writing these books super-hard with all work!

Keep up the great work though! :>

“Water Pack” sounds like something from marketplace. I hope it will be some kind of “out of the box sea and rivers” solution? That would be great :cool:

Water might be relating to NVIDIA WaveWorks, yay! :slight_smile:

Nice! Pretty hyped about . New launcher and water both sound very exciting. See you in the chat tomorrow! :slight_smile:

, I’m pretty excited about the resizable launcher! Can’t wait to watch. =)

! I’m looking forward to the water pack :slight_smile:

[request] pls just add out of the box water, with underwater post processing volume(like in cryengine3), with physics and other normal stuff like in other engines, i think it is MUST have feature, thx.

I see the word water :smiley: GameWorks talk? :smiley:

Okay you got my attention… water… I’m already thirsty :wink:

Do we have a status for HTML5 deployment?

Will there be any forward rendering paths added to properly render translucent materials for better water materials?

I checked out cryengine for a bit simply because of how great its water looks but now I probably don’t even need to bother since you guys have something great to show us!

We do have plans for being able to decide if you project will use forward or differed rendering, but it’s will have to go through an experimental phase first. Mittring is working on it when he can, but there is no ETA for the stable version.

Yeees, I’m in :slight_smile:

Strong Portal vibes from tonight’s stream :wink:

The ‘Mythical’ should join us more often!

More than willing to be a beta tester! :smiley: I should have checked here before asking in the stream, really looking forward to feature!

As a side note I noticed Specular highlights and SSR for translucency have been added to the 4.8 on GitHub. Planning on giving it a try on the weekend, thank you guys for implementing it! Is the planar reflections for translucent surfaces that was working on by any ?

Thanks for hanging out with us! Look out for the water pack coming soon

Hey! I missed the stream. Can anyone describe what is up with the water? is the number one feature beyond foliage that I need. UE4 water still looks like UE3 water.

Wish it had a moving material for the shoreline, doesnt look anywhere near as good as cryengines (although there are some really neat things in water that did, nice!)

Is there a way to make it double sided to it see underwater? Could post process for going underneath it be added?

So nothing new about water then? Still doesn’t look like water.