[Twitch] Hourences visits Epic! - Sept. 11, 2014

Long time Unreal Engine developer and close friend of Epic’s - Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong - joins us on this week’s stream to discuss UE4, his project Solus, and give us a look at an upcoming tutorial! Hourences has been working in the Unreal Engine for over 14 years with multiple game credits and has trained thousands through lectures, presentations, and video tutorials. Come hang out with us!

Thursday, Sept 11th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Dana Cowley - Sr. Marketing Manager
Sjoerd “Hourences” de Jong - Teotl Studios
Chance Ivey - Community Manager, Epic Games

Drop your questions for Hourences and Epic right here!


**EDIT: **Video now live on YouTube

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Not really a question, just excited to see an old buddy on the lifestream :slight_smile:
Chance, give Sjoerd a hug for me :slight_smile:

Ooh, that could be my question :stuck_out_tongue:
Can Sjoerd be hugged?

Yes, I have a question. :slight_smile:

[QUESTION]]: Could you look into future improvements of properly handling IK targetting to, for example, handle the placement of feet on slopes more accurately? The current system seems to have problems because of how the character collision capsule works in combination with IK targets.

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(The AnswerHub issue that spawned this question: )

I hope you are having fun at Epic, Hourences!

I can’t wait to back and hang out too!

Everyone at Epic is so much fun to be around!

You rock, Epic!


Hourences -

Will you be updating your UDK Expert Classes for Unreal Engine 4?

Will there be more training based off of your upcoming game Solus?

What advice would you give to those making their first games right now with Unreal 4?

When will Solus be out and where can I buy It? Can I buy Solus on GOG instead of Steam?

Looking forward to this. =)

For anyone learning the engine and looking for tutorials I Highly suggest Hourences…
any of them…ALL of them…
I’ve done Eat3d, Digital Tutors, books, random online vidoes, and in a Distant First Place is the tutorials by Hourences…
Thanks, Hourences… I look forward to Solus and the Twitch Stream…

Questions for Hourences;
What do you think is the most exciting feature of UE4?
Do you think running entire large scale games though Blueprint is realistic, or will there always been the need for some C++?
If you could add one major feature to Blueprint, what would it be?

Would it be possible via blueprint to read the time and date from the system clock and simulate the sky and sun lighting based on the actual time?

Also, thanks for all the tutorials Hourences! I’ve been reading them since I started working in UDK and I’ve always found them to be a great help in my efforts.

Since Hourences is a blueprint expert I’d like to ask:

Is it possible to create a FPS(i.e. Counter Strike: Global Offensive) with only blueprint?

First a quick question, in the next Unreal Engine release, will it be possible to build non-Universal iOS apps; i.e., an iPad only app?

And, my studio just launched our first game using Unreal Engine 4! We’d really appreciate a shout out in the community spotlight section of the broadcast.

The game’s name is Mattie Math Bot. It is an educational game that is designed to help kids practice their multiplication and division skills. The game is available now on the Apple App Store:

I also posted in the Released Projects section of the forums here: !

Here’s the launch trailer for the game:


I hope all of these gets picked to be answered… else I would have to spam Chance’s mail :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

  1. Do you think Epic Games could play a big role in publicising / marketting your product, Solus in this case, and to what extent do you see that reach out to?

  2. In what all ways do you think Epic can help independent developers working with Unreal Engine 4 in terms of both development and promotions?

  3. If Tim Sweeny told you that he would want to help develop / publish Solus, why would you think that would be ?

  4. Do you think that Epic should hold a community contest like the IGDF for games solely made on UE4 so that it could win a chance to be promoted by Epic for the next GDC or any such big shows at no expense from the developer ?

  5. Epic is developing Dota3. Would you believe this or not ?

  6. Who among the following do you find more attractive - Chance Ivey , Dana Cowley :slight_smile:

Thank you


P.S - I’m Nevermore from Facebook aka The Joker on Skype

Is the solus 100% blueprints or includes c++ too?

Is the solus 100% blueprints or includes c++ too?

I’am not Hourences but i think they moved from Blueprints to a more C++ based Project. :wink:

Hi everyone!

Sorry I did not make it onto the twitch stream chat in time, I watched the whole thing though!

That Get Real World System Time BP node is available to everyone in my Victory Plugin!



Thanks for bring “Hourences” to the states Epic! It was very cool to see him today on the broadcast.

Great Stream! Had me wishing that I had picked up Unreal 1 back in 99. I was 15 and had just built my first computer as well! :slight_smile: I didn’t have the drive or work ethic back then though, so who knows how it would have turned out.

In the stream, Hourences mentions there is a size limit to blueprints that isn’t well communicated. As my blueprint has grown ever larger I have also wondered about size limits, though I have yet to run into any issues with it.

I am curious if the size limit has been quantified in any way or if it just depends on what you are doing. My generator is running close to 10MB just with the blueprint file itself with 100+ functions and 200+ variables. Still working like a charm.

I think in some ways I am like Hourences because I like to build everything in one area for visualization and split it apart down the line. I intend to split large functions off into smaller blueprints but until it becomes an issue or I feel I have perfected a system I don’t have a pressing need. I think I would be far more likely to split things into smaller blueprints if there was an overall project event graph that you could have all blueprints tied together for visualization purposes. Visualization is the killer feature that blueprint brings to the table and a project event graph would be one of the last things you could do to greatly enhance it.

Also, +1 for the multiply/math nodes with multiple inputs! :slight_smile: