[Twitch] Fortnite In-Game Animation Tips & Tricks and Game Jam Result - Oct. 30, 2014

Senior Gameplay Programmer Laurent Delayen and Lead Animator Matthew take us through some of their workflows in creating and implementing animations for Fortnite! The East Coast Dev Tour is just around the corner, and we’re ready to announce the developer tracks and speakers. Also, catch the winning games from the October Game Jam! Come hang out with us Thursday!
**A look into our Unreal Engine 4 animation workflow with Fortnite as an example!
**Thursday, October 30th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]

Ivey - Community Manager - @anonymous_user_c5ad40d01](://twitter/iveytron)
Laurent Delayen - Sr. Gameplay Programmer - @ldelayen](://twitter/ldelayen)
Matthew - Lead Animator: Fortnite - @russellanim](://twitter/russellanim)

Let us have your questions below!

EDIT: The YouTube archive is up here](?v=3NK97psTA8g&list=PLZlv_N0_O1gbggHiwNP2JBXGeD2h12tbB&index=54).

Not a question but just wanted to say I’m super excited about particular stream :smiley:

I am looking forward to too! BTW: I think you mean Thursday 30th October?

Will Be very interesting thank

[QUESTION] How can I prevent player from going through another player while playing a kick animation?

And Please show a demo on a good combat system.


I have question, about procedural animations over network.

Say I have typical IK setup for character legs, so they get repositions when there is difference in elevation.
It always work for client (I mean for character player is controlling), but I don’t remember seeing such thing working for other replicated character, and it makes animations look out of place, especially in slow paced games.

The same thing goes for other things, like tilting when character rotates.

Two questions. Is is possible to make such things work over for all actors ?
Would it require replication of redundant information (information which are not important for gameplay). So essentialy can be done only on client side if needed ?

, I love what you and Dana do every week. The twitch streams are my favorite show to watch and they are always very informative! Keep it up!


  1. Any plans to have a viewmodel mode in Persona. I would love to have a settable FPS camera to view from during animation tweaks / blending.

  2. Any plans to allow us to keyframe imported animations especially for quick minor tweaks? Sometimes I just want to rotate the hand a little after without having to go back to the animator, explain the change, and then re-import it. :wink:

I Love the work team Epic is doing, keep it up!

Abatron Team

Can you change the play rate of animations via blueprint at runtime? For example, I have an animation for the player to turn a wheel to unlock a door (think Metal Gear Solid 2 tanker). Also like MGS2, I’d like to have the player be able to press the button repeatedly to open the door faster. For I’d need to speed up the animation. I’ve tried to find a node to do but I’m having no luck.


I’ve Imported some animations with root motion built in from a 3d software, but it doesn’t work inside UE4 even though I’ve enabled root motion settings inside my Montage Properties. How can I fix ?

When’s the next game jam? I had no clue about these! Would be fun thing to do with my team!

how do you do the character anims for the weapons and aimoffsets, i ask because in one stream they showed a bit of the animblueprint and stated that they used a single pose for each weapon and blended it into the main anims

also in mind on how to use the aimoffset anim sequence in the animation starter set

Does it has started ? The video don’t play.

1 hour 42 minutes left till it starts :wink:

Actually it ended 30 minutes ago!

Lot of people were affected by the time change I think (except for us North American’s) :smiley:

Ahhh, yep, time has changed… :smiley:

@: Here we go: ://www.twitch.tv/unrealengine/b/583491357 :wink:

Thanks .

How was the stream? I ended up falling asleep at my desk missing the remaining 70-60% of the stream and eventually heading back to bed soon after :rolleyes:

FYI I was strung out coffee guy aka BLOODTIDE12


Nice stream! Very informative!

Can you provide a screenshot of the animation blueprint?

The one I attached, just in good resolution :wink:


Yes, you can do using AnimMontage and RootMotion

Here’s a link to the docs:

Hi Amaresh.

There are plenty of ways to achieve . If you wanted to have a good connection between both players, you could align them both on markers and play a synchronized animation. is how we did the execution animations in Gears of War.
If you want something more dynamic, you could use the capsule collision on both character as a stopping point to prevent penetration.

Hope helps,