[Twitch] Announcing Unreal Dev Grants! - Feb 19, 2015 @ 2PM ET

Of the three people on the stream tomorrow, I think I’m the only Texan, so this might be a little unlikely :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is Chance will wear the special camera rig that captures the holograms appearing from Mr Sweeneys Hololens and Ray Davis will humorize

Great. For the first time and I was waiting for that. I hope the weather conditions won’t prevent you from going to your offices this time. Good luck !

I hope it has everything to do with making our lives easier as developers :slight_smile:

-Global Illumination
-C++ on Marketplace
-Forward rendering path

Puhlease :smiley:

  • UE4 will free, so no 20$ per month? No, it’s still too early for that, I guess you will do this once you get enough money from all the royalty.
  • For Unreal Engine 5 it’s still way too early, UE4 is not even stable yet
  • Acquisition of Crytek? Unrealistic, Crytek is much bigger than Epic Games
  • DX12 is no big news since we all know UE4 will support it
  • Gameworks is also no big news

Release of Infiltrator Demo or Open Sourcing UE1 is what I think is most likely.

Sequencer? :slight_smile:

Tim Sweeney? I heard he would probably only do it if it was big news! Exciting!

Oh no! Chance, you gave out now where you’re from. This was a trick-question in one of the prior streams, but now everyone will know. :stuck_out_tongue:

OH GAWD…TIM SWEENEY will be on stream…THATS a BIG NEWS itself…we wanna see the creator of Unreal Engine XD also please share some motivational quotes for new game developers…also a story about how EPIC was formed(i love to hear legendary stories from Big Guys)

Can’t wait! Finally Tim in Twitch! :smiley:

I asked about this in one of the twitch stream if we can expect Tim Sweeney and my wish comes true! :smiley: yay

Def looking forward for this one!!! Can’t wait, see you all there :slight_smile:

Aaaaw yeah , I can’t miss this one :slight_smile:

You are somewhat wrong about that. Epic is backed by Tencent. And although I haven’t really notice Tencet having big impact on Epic operation (or so it appears to public).
If they wanted to buyout Crytek, and convinced Tencent to do it, money would the least of the problems here.

But I’m not sure if Crytek is public company. AFAIR it’s still fully owned by Yerli’s, so you can’t just buyout stock from share holders.

Anyway. I don’t have any speculations. If nothing happen it’s still going to be cool regardless!

That and GL Next please!

Who is Tim Sweeney? … 8-p

This should be interesting … I might have to stay up to watch this … 8-}

omg omg OMG!!! (squeals like little girl)

on a more serious note,
I hope it has to do with either Sequencer and Niagara + Marketplace Plugin Support + DX12 + NVIDIA GameWorks (one can only wish for all of the above :D)

hopefully I can make it to the live Twitch Broadcast and not just the post-stream YouTube upload.

timezones are a cruel mistress I’m afraid… (UTC 10:00+ here but with daylight savings I will only need to be up at 6am and not 4am as per-usual)

for those who are interested and feel may pain,
here is a great website for cross-comparing timezones for those who work with international teams this website is a godsend :smiley:

and perhaps you won’t be as likely to end up like this on a regular basis :wink:

@benjamin.smith - I am in the same boat. :frowning: Unfortunately wife just got home from surgery today so there is no way I dare get up at 6am and risk waking the sleeping beast, otherwise i’d be there for sure. :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding, she is awesome.

I want Tim to walk into the room, sit down and with a big cheesy grin say fooled you all, then wish everyone a good day and calmly get up and walk out like nothing happened. Imagine as everyone is on the edge of their seats as he opens his mouth, then this happens.

He is going to cofirm half life 3 on UE5

Squeee! Awesome.

Not sure why I am hyped, but I am.