[Twitch] Announcing Unreal Dev Grants! - Feb 19, 2015 @ 2PM ET

We’ve got a very special Twitch this week! Epic Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney will join Unreal Engine General Manager Ray Davis and Community Manager Chance Ivey to discuss some incoming news that we are extremely excited to share with you all. We’ll also have your regular doses of engine news, Community Spotlight and regular discussion! Mark your calendar’s folks, this is gonna be one awesome stream!

**Edit: Sorry to keep everyone waiting :slight_smile:

Epic Games is launching Unreal Dev Grants, an exciting new program for Unreal Engine developers!
Read Tim’s blog here, and let us know if you have any questions! Tune in to find out more on the stream this afternoon.
Thursday, Feb. 19th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager - @iveytron](http://twitter.com/iveytron)
Ray Davis - General Manager - @EpicRayD](http://twitter.com/EpicRayD)
Tim Sweeney - Founder & CEO - @TimSweeneyEpic](https://twitter.com/timsweeneyepic)

Questions for the lot of us? Let’s hear em.

EDIT: The YouTube archive is up here](Announcing Unreal Dev Grants | News | Unreal Engine - YouTube)!

Awesome, I can’t wait for this stream!

Does Tim do Epic Fridays?..and What kind of projects has he made in UE4?

We all know that Ray likes Jetpacks =)

The Gamedev Fund is Epic! I hope that the lucky devs who get grants can follow suit. If you do well, contribute back to the fund! =) I know I would!

Mike Fricker’s 4.5 preview is what I hold as the gold standard of usefulness and awesomeness.

Awesome, looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Awesome, waiting for this
and no other stream after this , i guess :smiley:

Ooooh! Bet’s are on… I’m betting, C++ on Marketplace!

Oh wow, I was wondering when you would get Tim on the stream, sounds great!

Don’t really have any specific questions… I’m more interested in hearing you guys discuss UE4 as it stands currently, and where you want take it in the future. :slight_smile:

Oh… I’m so excited. Can’t sleep now. :confused:

Just a couple of streams ago Chance said it wouldn’t happen, now here it is Tim on the stream, that’s awesome, I know this is going to be BIG, man I’m freaking excited about this now, can’t wait for tomorrow?

Can’t wait!

OK, I’m calling it. Its open sourcing one of the old Unreal Engines.

No, Tim will be all about Dx12, my bet.

Ill be there big time julian

GameWorks :smiley:

Well, i guess the day for my question has come: Infiltrator demo in the UE4 marketplace! Yes or No? :slight_smile:


The news Tim brings definitely must be huge if he’s willing to show up on any kind of media.

DX12 and C++ on the Marketplace are too small for this. My bet is on UnrealEngine 5 (which will include DX12 and many other things).

Oh wait, I got one even better…Epic is acquiring CryTek and, merging the good parts of CryEngine into UnrealEngine 5. :smiley:

This, its the only realistic possibility there is :wink:

But in all seriousness, i know epic has been super busy leading up to GDC so it must have something to do with it and be very good :). Too bad i’ll be busy at work at this time. I’ll just make sure not to check twitter or anything until i can watch the video when get back!

The mind spins in wonderment at what would bring Tim back for a big announcement.

My guess: this has to do with some sort of partnership or acquisition which will affect us users in a big (and good) way. I can’t wait!

Now this got me excited, i hope for the above.
But no telling what they will come up with.

Something tells me we are in for on heck of a suprise. :smiley:
Counting Seconds

I’m guessin’ 10 gallon hats and big belt buckles with UE4 logos. :slight_smile: A guy can hope! Can’t wait!