[Twitch] 4.6 Roadmap - Oct. 23, 2014

Ok. My ActionRPGGame project exist in one form or another since UE4 beta.

I never had big problems, while updating it. I admit it’s not huge code base, but it depends on various parts of UE4. As I also extend editor in it, and use less known parts of engine that are not finished (like GameplayTags).

Now you have DEPRECATED warnings while building, code, which means you have at least month, to sort out your code and migrate it to use new functionality.

Right know it seems like you complain in vain and haven’t done anything particular but complaining, and waiting with anything to do till, engine reaches some abstract stability point where you can start working. Which means never.

Thank you very much for your comment.

Not everyone agrees with you. Those more aware don’t.

And just to repeat my set of suggestions so you have them in front of you:

Without stability from release to release, meaning that I can open my projects from older version in newer version of engine, that I can compile my old code base in newer version of engine without any serious problems, without me opening newly released editor and looking for commands which I knew where they are in older versions but now they are not there, without me being able to open previously (last evening) saved file without crash ,without all those things UE4 at the stage it is is more like a toy and not like tool.

I have continued the conversation on the topic of Blueprint Reroute Nodes here in this thread: [Feature request]Knots in blueprint linking and possibly other graphs too - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

I will also update my above post with this information at the footer of my message.

Yeah, all those big companies (like Lionhead), use toy to create AAA-grade game.

I quit this conversation. It’s pretty clear you have no argument, not specifics, and it’s seems no experience creating any kind of game using any kind of engine. UE4 included.
I’m going back to my toys. You might go back to creating game in stable Word. Or something.

Maybe you shouldn’t be working with a tool that is a work in progress and constantly changing.
Good luck finding anything like UE that release updates that always are 100% compatible with what you have made with it.
They can’t leave old obsolete code in the engine just because a few guys will cry their eyes out when their stuff isn’t working properly after an update. You’ll end up with an incredibly bloated mess of a software.

Back in UDK, serious projects choose one version and stayed with that one, since we all knew more or less everything would break horribly with big updates. Yet I remember you saying that:

Everything you have said in this thread just contradict itself, there is no point in continuing discussing this.

[QUESTION] Directed @Ray Davis

I see you share my love for Atlassian based products, primarily JIRA :smiley:

I know Epic Games are early in the transition stage, however perhaps you might be able to answer my AnswerHub question now or in a couple of weeks regarding JIRA and similar issue tracking system integrations into UE4?

AnswerHub Link: Atlassian JIRA\Stash, Bitbucket & Github Ticket\Issue Preview and/or Update Support - UE4 AnswerHub

p.s. I only just managed to watch the 4.6 Twitch stream as I slept through all 3 alarms + the Live Stream… (UTC+10 so 4-5am for me :confused: )

Shame I missed the twitch stream, any chance of getting that uploaded anytime soon?

smallB, you are coming across really ignorant and naive.

If you don’t want the engine to be a toy, stop treating it like one, don’t update blindly without revising the changes, it’s used for AAA production, you being a subscriber comes with the luxury of a far more open and transparent development cycle, treat it as a benefit, not a burden. In games development you will rarely update if ever unless you needed a key feature, but would still do it cautiously… Navmesh broken? Fix it, be a professional. I work in a games company where the engine breaks far worse and more frequently than UE4, UE4 IS one of the most stable game engines out for public use.
To claim an update broke the engine as a general term is a bit too general when only navmesh is the issue, a bug, they will happen, like you said.

Back on track to all this drama and pages of unnecessary amounts of miscommunication, I think your intentions are in the right place but your presentation in your wording is attention seeking, the impressions you give off saying “toy” and “Very unstable” is far too generalised, you could just say 4.6 navmesh is broken when is there a fix? Rather than declaring the engine unstable and broken. (I don’t use Navmesh, the engine is not broken for me so your generalisation is misplaced and makes me question your wording).

The stream should be up on YouTube early next week. If you cannot wait you can always watch it via Twitch as the broadcasts are archived after each stream.

NOTE: I assume the reason why there is a delay with the YouTube upload is due to 3 reasons:

  1. They usually wrap up the stream by around 3:00-3:30pm and I assume are swamped for the remaining 1-2 hours of work for the day.
  2. The following day is Epic Friday which is when all or most Epic Games employees can work on any feature they want that benefits the company (think Hackathon/ShipIt/Game Jam).
  3. They usually make some edits to the video in preperation for YouTube, like removing the countdown, any short breaks and I assume trying to fix any audio problems in post.

For your convenience:

YouTube - Inside Unreal and Livestreams Playlist :
Twtich - Past Broadcasts :

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve never said the engine is broken. I said that the UE4 is at unstable to very unstable stage at this particular moment.

I really refuse to be called ignorant and naive. It makes you sound rude and really unprofessional. How would you feel if I called you:
A) Rude and unprofessional because you called me names
B) Unexpierienced, over-enthusiastic, ignorant and naive because you are happy with every new “release” which in fact should be an internal build and it doesn’t matter that it brakes things that worked, that new introduced things are really in unfinished state, that the look of editor menus constantly changes ? How would you feel if I called you those names?
But I won’t call you those names, for one simple reason - I’m not a rude person and you unfortunately are.

smallB, did you not notice that you’re getting people riled up in almost every thread you post in? You’re doing something wrong. You’re the only guy around here who constantly manages to enrage the masses. Just tone it down a notch? Use a different wording. Don’t call UE4 a toy, don’t call languages other than C++ **** and don’t say that lightmaps are a joke. It’s always your wording that is problematic, not necessarily what you wanted to say in the first place.

Just friendly advice to not get yourself into pointless back and forth bickering with people all the time. Surely you must be tired of it by now. I assume you are here for the same reason as everyone which is to to talk about development in UE4 in a productive fashion, not to get involved into flame wars all the time.

hi Smallb ; I understand you because I had alot of crach constantly too, but it was not the fault of Epic, bad hardware that I’ve changed.

Maybe it’s community that request it (like me :p) , Smallb, i am friendly but I don’t know but it seems that are many things that you don’t like in Unreal Engine ?

Fair play, I’ll definitely try to use different wording and think about it more. Sure, no problem.

But in fairness, I still believe and am convinced that UE4 is at very unstable stage however you may call it.

Hi, what I don’t like is those constant changes, that you don’t have the continuity from one minor release to the next one (I’m not talking about major releases that are always in some way very different and somewhat incompatible with the previous one), that things that worked in earlier release don’t work in newer etc, etc, sure I don’t like those things, does anybody can honestly say that they like it? Can you?


Can we all just get along? is that too much to ask?

As for the engine having forwards and backwards compatibility issues, I personally consider UE4 to have transitioned from a Closed-BETA (Rocket) to an Open-Beta (Subscription) and until Sequencer (Matinee 2.0), Niagara (Cascade 2.0) and UMG (Unreal Motion Graphics) to name a few are for the most part completed in UE4, I wouldn’t be expecting the issues you’ve pointed out to change any time soon.

Now don’t get me wrong, UE4 is a brilliant piece of kit and I personally have no problem with the issues you’ve brought up smallB, as like anything in games development you come to expect things not to go swimmingly all the time and a need for a little elbow grease is not much to ask for when you look at the big picture of what you’re getting in return.

If you don’t see that picture then perhaps upgrading UE4 every revision or games development in general is not for you?

With that all said and done,
Can we all focus on other topics at hand and not continue this argument any further in this thread please?

If you must continue,
Perhaps you (smallB) should move your discussion to one of the upcoming Support Twitch Streams or create your own Thread and/or AnswerHub.

4.5.0 to 4.5.1 is a minor release. 4.5 to 4.6 is a major release. By your own logic things are “always in some way very different and somewhat incompatible”

Hey everyone,

Just dropping a regular friendly reminder that the use of these forums are for professional discussion. Please continue to uphold a high level of respect for each other and avoid turning these threads away from what is meant to be informational and constructive. That’s for being awesome!


Thanks for the links here! And to give some insight to our procedure of uploading the archive - it’s gotta get move from a computer to a server after the recording (it’s big, and raw, so it takes quite some time), most times it’s not quite ready be EOD Thursday. Then it goes to YouTube, typically the next day, and takes a few hrs to upload, process, and time stamp each video so you all can get a solid recap with links and all :slight_smile: I’m currently out of town for an event, so there’ll be a little delay before it’s up. However, it should be in the past broadcasts link listed above. Thanks again, Benjamin.smith!