[Twitch] 4.6 Roadmap - Oct. 23, 2014

Mike Fricker and Ray Davis join us to talk about where we are heading for 4.6!

Thursday, Oct. 23th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager
Mike Fricker - Technical Director
Ray Davis - GM Unreal Engine

Drop your questions here and we’ll try to answer them on the stream!


EDIT: YouTube archive is up here

I would like to know if there will be a revamp of the 2d tools. I would like to see as I have stated in other posts a way to create for example cut-out animations inside the editor (unity has this for example). On the other hand a 2d mode would come handy too. We are mainly a 2d team so, this is why we are asking for this things :).


Earlier there were talk about Foliage lighting improvements, especially people have asked for a Foliage lighting model that removes the problem with dark backfaces and possibly improve performance compared to the hacky alternatives there are right now.
Please tell us that it’s in the works for 4.6, then you will get rid of me and my whining. :slight_smile:

Also, any news on the foliage mode interface being worked on?

i have 2 questions

  1. will the engine be continuously optimized in terms of hardware load (it recently killed a friends brand new fairly high end graphics card) or is this not a concern and it will become more and more heavyweight?

  2. with recent community breakthroughs in procedural mesh and sound generation, are there any plans to further support these 2 areas?


What about blended root-motion?

Will 4.6 bring hair shader improvements already?

What is the status of Plugins in the Marketplace? Are there any changes planned for 4.6 to move this forward?

Second this.

I would so love to finally have custom lighting model for foliage , that is the main feature i am waiting for , i wonder how many updates it is gonna take to bring it .

Will 4.6 support PhysX 3.3.2 | APEX 1.3.2?

Questions from my wishlist. Can we expect any improvements and/or iterations on the following:

  • A version of Matt Mittrings’ Forward Shading material node (mentioned in this weeks stream).
  • An experimental version of Niagra and/or Sequencer.
  • C++ Code / Plug-in support on UE4 marketplace.
  • Any additional shader models such as Foliage, Hair, or Screen-Space Subsurface Scattering with Light passing through from backfaces?
  • Any word on Lit Translucency with Specular Reflections, or Planar Reflections?

Hello everybody ,

At this rate, I guess Unreal Engine 5 is coming soon ? What is the vision of developers ?
Do you have a look on the future of Unreal Engine, Maybe can you tell us more about big feature will coming soon ?
Please, tell us something that will make us dream :o

Have a good day

Versioning doesn’t work this way.

Dam it was so many times on forums :D.


Do you plan to update FBX SDK to a new version 2015.1?

Thank you,
Keep on rocking! :slight_smile:

Oh wow, this is going to be awesome! Pretty awesome that you guys show us your roadmaps, and everything. Very transparent :slight_smile:

Really good question ,i asked, but I do not received response
FBX 2015.1 with complet support of ShaderFX :heart:

About 4.6, can we expect these ?

  • fast transluency shaders for grass and foliage
  • models instancing for grass and trees

+1 for this!
Also will Trello (Blueprints useable with foligage) be worked on anytime soon?
Otherwise I would like to see the foliage shaders to be available for all meshes, not just with the foliage tool.

Can we get tools to do destruction for 2D sprites?

What about fully supporting pipeline: Blender to UE4?