[Twitch] 4.6 Preview, UMG, and Game Jam Results - Nov 20, 2014 @ 2PM ET

Technical Director Mike Fricker joins us to walk through all the exciting new features in 4.6! Also, we’ll be announcing the finalists for November’s Unreal Engine game jam. Come hang with us!

Thursday, Nov. 20th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Ivey - Community Manager
Mike Fricker - Technical Director
Dan Hertzka - Tools Programmer

Let’s hear your questions for the stream!

Edit: The YouTube archive for the stream is available here](4.6 Preview, UMG & Nov #ue4jam Winners 2014 | Feature Highlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube).

No Ray Davis on Stream ?

Can we have word about support for WinRT (phone or win8 store)?

Surely will check this one :slight_smile:

What about deploying to Android from Mac? (even if the feature is not completely developed it would be nice to at least have the steps to do it)

We have **Mike Fricker **, he will talk for two :wink:

I’m pretty sure Epic is working on making blueprints usable with foliage and there have been talk about revamping/improving the whole Foliage mode UI with new functionality as well.
I’d love to hear more about this as well, hopefully they can shed some light on it in tonight’s stream?

[QUESTION] could you tell us what you are aiming for with these code changes
and what is the workflow you want to provide -c++ workflow- in the future ?

How exciting, I’ll be there :smiley:

Has there been any explanation about the Root motion changes? If not, I’d be interested in seeing what those are in detail.

I’d love to know if there are any plans to improve UE4 for use with procedural level/landscape generation. It would be nice to be able to do this without having to delve into C++ to create a new geometry type… Does the Epic team have any plans to make this more accessible? I would love to not have Unity be the go-to engine for procedural stuff anymore :wink:

Can we get a confirmation that World_Max has been increased and functioning properly?
Last stream you guys were talking about bumping it up to begin the large world initiative, curious to know
what is it at now with stable physics/networking & everything?
5km to 10km, or is it 20km now? It was to be doubled or quadroupled, but I’m wondering which one
And can you talk more about your plans / whats going on in the large world area?

I saw this update on the roadmap:

*Increase Max world size (DONE: 4.6) *
Increase WORLD_MAX by factor of 2-4 to increase the maximum world dimension from 5km across to 10-20km. Will need careful testing to avoid artefacts with physics movement at the extremities of the world extent

Are you planning to implement marquee selection in UMG Editor so we can edit multiple widgets properties at once?

And what about sequencer? Can we expect any/experimental version soon?

[Question] When will we be able to dynamically assign Datatables in blueprints? Currently they must be hard coded into the Get DataTable node which is fine if you are using them for configuration, but makes it impossible to use it for a Dialogue System where conversations frequently must be changed.

PS: Already made the feature request and it is “in the database” as I have been told.

Thanks everyone for watching the stream today. Those game jam results were really fun too.

Just a heads up. I realize I mentioned on the stream that precomputed lighting from emissive surfaces is available in 4.6 and is active by default. This is true even in the current 4.6 preview release, but we have just decided to make a last minute change to have emissive lighting contribution disabled by default instead. You can easily flip the new feature on using the new Lightmass setting for that. But our rendering guys decided that it would be better for users to opt into using it, as it can dramatically change your level lighting if you made use of emissives. We rebuilt lighting in some of the UT maps and noticed that there was “double lighting” in areas where designers had faked emissive light by placing a separate source for that. Anyway, sorry for saying that it was enabled by default. We only changed this just now.


really enjoyed the twitch today, 4.6 is really looking good

hope it won’t be hard to update to from 4.5.1

btw: do ya’ll have a target date for releasing 4.6 ?

again… great twitch

Is the stream finished or can we have a youtube version somewhere ?

Thanks XERT.

Correction to stream:. In 4.6 max playable area (grid) is 400km^2 (20km x 20km). If it is fully useable without prcision issues on far ends, I don’t know.