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You guys throw out that word massive too much on this forum, 20km is not massive at all,
DayZ’s cherno map is like 225 km, now thats massive. Coming from modding arma I feel very limited on space even with 20km, but I guess Its better than 5 for now. Hopefully Epics big world initiative will bring about an easier way to seamlessly stitch maps together for multiplayer, or some way to reduce loading / reconnect times to have an almost seamless huge world instead of us having to come up with an entire mmo networking framework with new coordinate system

Are you sure thats right? I put barriers around the world max kill distance when it was 5km2 and it was like the size of only 1 city in Chernarus and a little bit of land, seemed like you could fit 50 of the max playable spaces into dayzs map, or more.
Now if its 4 times bigger than what it was, you can still fit like 12.5 of these zones into it.
I’m basing some of my logic off of flying a helicopter in dayZ, it takes so long to fly across chernarus at high speeds, like minutes whereas using the same speed in a flying vehicle in UE4’s max size I was able to get from one end to the other in like 10 seconds
so this cant be right,
Have you played dayZ? I will put boundaries around the new world max in 4.6 and test if theres any precision issues at the extremeties and see if its really as big as chernarus but something doesnt seem right, But if you are right then thats amazing

Either way I am still happy and thankful for the bigger space that Epic has provided, I thought dayZ was so big that to match its scale would require a more elaborate mmo networking structure and never be able to be done until 1 of the super geniuses here implemented photon with a tutorial in like a year or 2

Yes he is correct. Arma II Chernarus isn’t all that massive, sure it’s large but it’s not even close to having cities as big as 25 square kilometers. Chernarus is really large but the cities are pretty small, they’re more like neighborhoods, nowhere near 25 Km^2.
The only way for you to be able to accurately compare the two by flying over is if you set it up to fly the same speed as the helicopters in Arma II.