[Twitch] - 4.3: Ask Us Anything! - July 17, 2014

Hey everyone, we hope you’re enjoying 4.3 so far!

Today we’ll cover off a bit more on what all you get with this huge release.

We’ll also discuss the meet-ups and dev tours that are happening all over the world to give you a better idea of how you can catch up with Epic and other developers face to face.

Today at 2pm ET countdown clock]


Please drop your questions right here!

My question is about Blueprints and Matinee’s.

Here is the AnserHub link: AnswerHub question

It’s my understanding that as is, there is not a system where you can have a matinee look for named objects in the level to get positions from. I would like a system where a camera matinee can be set up that uses a few nodes, and/or splines that does a camera pan and focus at the start of each level. In which the matinee does not need to be changed, but objects in the level could just be placed and positioned for really the only purpose of giving their location to the Matinee placed in the level.

If this is all ready possible, how should I go about doing it?

If something like this is not possible, what approach do you suggest for me to add this functionality. For example, do I just extend the matinee class, or do I need to create a new type that the matinee can work with to get added to it’s timeline, etc… ?

Thank you

My question is also here Collision (Scene Depth) not working on a GPU particle - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

I am following the tutorial for particles from the official YouTube channel. I’ve gotten to the GPU sprite part, and I have problem with the collision. It doesn’t collide with my meshes or brushes (I converted the brush, I thought that might have been a problem.)

Here is a screenshot. http://puu.sh/aeFaq/82a7314380.jpg

I am using version 4.3

So, what did I do wrong here?


Short question, what is the status of the parallel rendering? I’m referring to Trello

I wanted to know if you guys plan to provide tutorials (video or otherwise) on using Paper2D. One of the big reasons I’m contemplating switching from Unity3D to UE4 is because you started to implement better support for 2D game dev. My ideal game engine is one that makes it easy to do 3D or 2D or both game development with all the bells and whistles built in.

Ori says your working with NVIDIA to add collision to vehicle wheels, is there any news on this?

Id like to ask about Android Packaging,
I have a small game ready for android however its a nightmare getting it to the play store.
The main issue being the HUGE file size of the .obb expansion files. I have got any of the starter material in my project and in fact my entire content is just over 10 mb, so why is is my .obb coming out at well over 100mb?
As you can see this is a huge problem for us looking to move to ue4 as nobody browsing the play store would download over 100mb for a small game that’s much like chicken.
Im completely stuck here as ive no way to reduce my assets or sizes, and i cant release game so large in size. the thing that bugs me is the same sized project packages way less than 10mb on other engines such as Unity. Is this extra size due to blueprints?

p.s if its any help im getting this pop up with google play when uploading my apk and .obb http://i.imgur.com/KJKu3wD.png
What is making my build so big and how can i reduce it?

Ive just packaged a new project with no starter content, deleted the basic assets such as lights from the scene, and this still comes up 20 mb for the apk, and another 26-27mb for the obb! its way to big

First of all congrats on the push to 4.3 version

I have a couple of questions:
1 - I want to know if it is planned some improvement’s regarding the water support perhaps some features like swimming and water translucency, etc and if we are planning some features like a dynamic weather support or perhaps some examples?
2 - What is the best person from Epic to contact to talk about our project and perhaps have some help\guidance? We would love to discuss our project with you guys.


Is it possible for us to get a studio tour of Epic with focus on UE4 development? Showing the workspaces of the UE4 developers and things like that. I’m always curious to see the world behind the scenes.


Terrain Tools Feedback & Suggested improvements.

Suggested reading for Devs:

Bruneton & Neyret’s EG’12 scalable, high-quality tree imposter method for forest rendering.

Terrain system at this time we can select an area of our terrain generated by our imported height map to copy to another location on our same terrain, Please can this be updated to also take into consideration the base map data from the textures imported for material base. E.g if i copy a selection of the map (height) can the tool be updated to also copy the Colour map base texture data, Normal map, etc etc with that height data that your transferring to another area of the terrain. Having ONLY the height information copied from one spot to another without the other maps just ruins the base textures created. If you get that working the terrain tool becomes a whole lot more usable.

Right click the image and select open in new tab for full res


For Example This is a test Environment’s ive been building. Has height map,Normal,Grass/Rock Mask/Sand Mask/Roughness Map (basicly all the PBR maps you need. Within the terrain tool i may want to copy one area of the map i like to another area i don’t like that much, But as is the tool would only copy the height info and break all the other imported PBR maps ive created. But if it copied all the relevant map data from each texture terrain editing from imported maps becomes superb. Please Please Please make this happen.

**Another request for terrain & Foliage tool, I’m building my environments in high end 3d app (Blender in this case). What id really like is to be able to use Blenders Particle system to distribute tree models, rocks etc onto my terrain directly in the high end tool, but then once ive got what i like to be able to turn each of those hair particles into a dummy which holds the object type, position, rotation, scale (say i have 100,000 pine trees instanced) then to be able to export that set of dummy’s with FBX into UE4 terrain foliage tool and the foliage tool to recognise the name prefix (for example pine) that you have imported as mesh into UE4 and then scatter instances of the object across the map in the positions matched by the imported dummy’s (which would mean no having to go round painting in foliage by hand, Also being able to mask map areas with a black and white map would also be helpful (so if you are hand painting foliage in it will only add objects for example where black is in the mask map

One more, Lightmass takes ages on my machine for terrain lightmap baking. Im building my terrains in Blender and rendering using the Cycles Path tracer. Blender now supports map baking with Cycles (meaning very very high quality lighting bakes. Is it possible to render my terrain light maps in Blender with Cycles and export into UE4 to apply to the terrain instead of using lightmass?**

Cheers KB


What do Devs think of these suggested improvements and how likely are they to get implemented (Sooner the better in my eye’s)

I have a question about DetourCrowds. How can I turn on DetourCrowds? I’ve tried modify default AIController but there is still PathFollowingComponent and I can’t change to CrowdFollowingComponent :frowning: How can I solve this?


What is the status of parallelization in general.

What is the status of code hot reloading from outside the editor.

What is the status of code hot reloading from outside the editor.

Questions: :slight_smile:

  1. Is a out of the box build target for dedicated servers planned ?
  2. are more Skeletal Controls (Anim Blueprint) on the roadmap… like in ue3

Ask…anything?! Well, if you insist. Making games is the core of this system and that’s clear, plus imagine there’s a good year(s) or more of updates/additions/tweaks thought up to keep you all busy. Still, ever been any talk about branching out a little into the general app, business or research uses? My day job includes making software for the company, and there are times where I’d wish to add a bit more flair and animation to the apps except it’s usually not worth the time involved to do so. Plus, have had a few simple app ideas for iOS or android, and making them look sexy is sometimes all it takes to get sales.

Figure that’s probably nothing that can be commented on, so here’s my alternate question: Cats…or dogs?

Fighting game template and ‘where to begin with when making a fighting game’

**[Question] With the announcement(s) of Tekken 7 (and Mortal Kombat X) is there any chance of getting a template on the marketplace for making a fighting game or somthing else to start a project in this game-type direction?

[Question] What would be a good way to start with when someone would like to make a fighting game? Right now for me it seems to be a bit pointless to have an active subscription. Right now I’m practicing on making mocap with a 3d camera since without puch/kick/block animations I can’t really make progress on blueprint scripting for the fighting game system in the editor D: Any suggestions is highly appreciated :)**

Hi there,
[QUESTION] Do you have plans to come to the midwest? Hopefully Chicago? :wink:



[Question] Do you guys plan on releasing a bare bones open world game sample?

[Question] Do you guys plan on working with the Oculus team and making a plugin for the now open source Raknet?

[Question] What is the status of Unreal Motion Graphics?

[Question] What is the status of Sequencer?

[Question] Do you plan to come to Salt Lake City Comic Con?

[Question] Do you guys plan on supporting the blender foundation more in the future?

[Question] Would it be possible to get Mark Reign or Tim Sweeney on one of the livestreams?

[Question] Do you plan on integrating OpenGL 5 into the renderer? When available of course :slight_smile:

[Question] For Paper2D do you plan on making an Isometric Sample Game?

[Question] Would it be possible to get an engineer from Nvidia on a future livestream to talk about The upcoming Tegra K1, best practices with APEX and PhysX?