Twist bones won't work correctly.


I’ve been testing a custom character using humanoid (ue4 mannequin) skeleton and noticed that it works well except for hand / forearm twists.

This is especially noticeable with rifle / hand gun holding animations. I’ve tested it with Animation starter pack, Pistol Animset Pro and Rifle Animset Pro packages.

I tried to follow the same paint weights distribution I saw on another character model that works pretty well with minimal distortion but it seems like my model’s twist bone influence is getting ignored.

I also played around with advanced retargeting options but nothing seems to help.


Hey just following up with this question. I just encountered this as well and wondering if you manged to discern what has caused this?

Hey sorry for late reply. I haven’t solved the problem fully but have some observations.

First of all, a fun fact - it used to work fine in UE3 due to DQS that was dropped in UE4.

Secondly, all characters from Paragon have something on the wrist (like a bracelet or cuff) to hide the deformation. It is not impossible to get rid of it however, as PUBG is handling it pretty well.

After consulting that issue with an animator he suggested to force apply 25% of wrist bone rotation to lower arm twist bone in animation blueprint. This is achievable by casting to Pawn blueprint and extracting wrist rotation from skeletal mesh component (EventGraph). Then you use a node ‘Transform (Modify) Bone’ to apply the rotation to twist bone (AnimGraph). You can also compensate for ‘shrinking’ of the skinned area during rotation by dynamically expanding scale of that bone.

Result is satisfactory but far from perfect. So I would appreciate if someone from Epic could give us some guidance.

Apologies for not providing any pictures, I don’t have any at my disposal atm.


I have the same problem and I can’t submit my asset to the store :confused:

Just add a ‘Apply a percentage of Rotation’ one for left hand and one for right, Check in detail panel and set Left hand as source and Left Forewarm Twist as target and put .65 or .8 in the multiplier,

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Very thx!! You save me It is powerful skill. also I link more bone. It look like perfectly! !