Twinmotion to Unreal Importer

I succeeded to start the download many times unfortunately each time the download is stopped on half-way.
Tested the 2 versions from different computers but same issue. Ant idea to get and test that plugin? Thanks

This is great news, would love to have the TM lighting and widgets and all that

Hello everyone so I just installed the plugin and started working in Unreal and its awesome! But I have a little problem, on my content folders in Unreal I can’t see the Twinmotion Library. any idea of how to fix this? Thank you.

First time trying it today and seems really good. Animated People didn’t transfer over or some of the vehicles I am using, but all the TM furniture did.

Does anyone know if video textures are supported? I can do this in UE4 but always find it a bit time consuming.


i just made a Dlss version of unreal and it made me a 4.60 virsion and this plugin is for 4.60.1 i think i can not get it to run throught there i need that dlss and data smith from twinmotion running how can i do that???

Unable to import twin motion files - unsupported file format version 2019.05, 2019.04.
Engine version - 4.26.1

I have a question in regards to the timeline for this beta.

Is there an approximate timeline for when this will be completed. When is the next update to the beta.

Looking forward to playing with this an moving this into my pipeline.


pf_breton Can you make a new link to download Maybe from other service than Box?
I think there is now some kind upload limiters in Box in your account, because downloading is impossible (too slow or disconnecting after awhile)
Really hope that I can download this plugin, but now it´s impossible. I Already tried using different download managers also, but can´t make it happen.

Yes we are looking at better solutions

I’ve downloaded the individual files from here (Box) but am then unable to unzip them all, in particular files 002, 006 and 007, as it states they are archive: I’ve tried 7zip and WinRAR.

Might be a super simple thing I’m missing. Don’t supposed anyone knows why this is happening? Had no problems with the BETA 1 download before.

Also, the bug reporting link doesn’t seem to work:

Many thanks

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Hey Miles !

Link works correctly, I’ve had a couple reports in the last few days. Try with incognito mode on your web browser maybe ?

For your zip issue, you should only open the first of the 9 downloaded files with 7z, and extract the folder (you will see that the folder size is 35GB). See below :

We are working on deploying the plugin on the Marketplace for easier delivery to everyone.

Cheers !

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Thanks Antoine, appreciate your help

Hi everyone !

We just released the plugin on the Marketplace, making download and setup quite a lot faster and easier !

Make sure to install both the Importer and Content plugins (linked in the Marketplace page description).

Cheers !


Hi there,

This is a GREAT plug in! Thank you SO MUCH for developing it.

I just have one question about it: So in Twinmotion I used Rhino Direct Link to import the 3d model and in UE4 I used this plugin to import that Twinmotion file. Now in this UE4 file, all the meshes that got imported from Rhino through Twinmotion are unable to simulate physics on. I added collision to solve the problem but the ‘simulate physics’ box is still greyed out.

I would love some help if there is something I dont know. Thank you so much!

Hello evrybody, i cant download Datasmith Twinmotion Importer Plugin, message unavailable

Hi iremuyg !

Glad you like the plugin :slight_smile:

Have you checked that the geometry’s mobility of the objects you want to use physics on is set to “movable” and not “static” ?


By default the plugin will import geometry with the mobility on “static”, and physics will not work on the objects.

If you need to toggle it on your entire assembly, you can use Visual Dataprep and the “Set Mobility” operation.

Cheers !

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Hi Simo4766,

Have you fully installed Unreal Engine 4.26 ?
It could also be an issue with your the cache of your Epic Account, try logging out and back in of the launcher.

Cheers !

hi there! i solved the first issue. i have one more question: can i unable the plugin after the import of the TM file? or would it affect the imported twinmotion content somehow?

Hey there,

You can safely disable the Import Plugin, but the Content Plugin needs to be enabled or the meshes/materials will be missing in your project.


oh i see. do they come back when i enable the plugin after disabling it?