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Created by Epic Games, this plugin allows you to start a project in Twinmotion and finish it in Unreal Engine. You will be able to import Twinmotion project files in the UE4 Editor the same way you can import *.udatasmith files. Certain limitations apply.

Beta Notice:

This plugin is in beta stage. Our effort will span across several Twinmotion releases starting with 2020.2.

Documentation (Roadmap and Known Limitations:

Bug reporting: If you have a Twinmotion file that isn’t importing correctly, share it with us. This form will let you send files to our team:

Survey: ​​​​​​​ After you’ve had a chance to try a few projects, help us understand how well this feature works for you and define our next priorities by filling this short anonymous survey:

Anyone else having trouble logging in to box? The forgotten password thing doesn’t actually send an email. I know it’s possibly a box problem, but if it’s happening to other people it’s no good if no one can test this!

So far there are a couple hundreds of users who downloaded it so i don’t think box is the issue. You can download the content without loading to box as well. For instance, you can dismiss the login prompt and access the files directly. Here is what I see when loading in a guest chrome account:


OMG, thanks for this wonderful tool! it really works! something that does not work in Twinmotion can easily be added to the Unreal engine and ray tracing as well. Thanks again!

From the first difficulties that arose it was a very long import of textures f rom their own objects, there were only 5 such materials, but he transferred them for about 1 hour …
I really look forward to the opportunity to carry people and cars)

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So is there no way to run an executable that was packaged from a project that had twinmotion stuff imported into it?, when running it, it errors out with a missing datasmith plugin…

UPDATE: The packaged project will not run, if the plugin was installed to the project, and not to the engine instead


Very very happy to have the opportunity to try Twinmotion to Unreal Engine. I have tried to load a large project (high rise construction site in downtown area) from Twinmotion to UE and have noticed a few things as follows:1) Certain assets come over from twinmotion but not all TM library assets that are used in the project. e.g fences and temporary barriers are converted over to UE but cars, vans, buses and human characters are not which is a bit of a pain as a lot of time was spent on setting those assets in the correct location. Also decals and line markings are missing from roads and signages 2) no animations. 3) I tried TPS character. However it only collides with random geometries in the scene and does not recognise platforms etc. Understand that this is beta therefore not sure if this is work in progress but would appreciate any advice that may be available to address the points above.

Thanks for posting!

Typically, long import times are caused by really dense meshes. Since you might not plan to do light baking, you can try importing with the lightmaps generation turned off and things should import a lot more quickly.

Correct. As the documentation said, some entities are not supported yet.The list is defined in the provided documentation

Weird. did you mixed up Unreal 4.25 plugins with Unreal 4.26 engine by any chance?

I had a play with this, is cool but I have a crappier computer than most, my card is a 980ti.
I set my lightmasses on my foliage really low to compensate but these being in Datasmith I cannot seem to do that.

now I have a really weird question
the plugin raised my hopes with what I found
I really really want to retexture those Twinmotion people in historical clothing for my medieval villages etc. :stuck_out_tongue:
(would prefer animated imports of my DAZ and iClone people but willing to work with what can be done)
My people saved to my User library if I open them in notepad and are carrying stuff such as a shopping bag of veggies, that stuff has a path
so it is substituting the plugin stuff.
my people also have a path
Emilie for example
MI_Body mIsHiddenSubElement mNativeObjectPath ; /Game/Library/Characters/Humans/EmilieCity/MI_Body.MI_Body
but of course we have a cooked Twinmotion-WindowsNoEditor.pak
however she is also an Anima person and I have an FBX with textures
I can create uassets from
can I do what I do with Skyrim where I add a folder structure in my Bethesda BSA data with substitute textures in that override the game ones?
I tried C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Twinmotion2020.2\Twinmotion\Content\Game\Library\Characters\Humans\EmilieCity
with MI_Body.MI_Body.uasset for material and texture MI_Body.MI_Body.jpg in there as well as my original texture but I am pretty certain I am not getting the file types and names right if it even would work

Bonjour, depuis que j’utilise des assets du plugin twinmotion content je ne peux plus faire un package de mon projet, beaucoup d’erreurs pointent vers le plugin twinmotion. Est ce normal ? merci

Hi! Thanks for a great tool! Are there any plans to import people and their animations? This will greatly help to improve the visualization quality in ue4?

Good Morning, anyone got a size issue when you have imported a SketchUp 2019 model by using Twinmotion real-time importer and export to UE4? My objects inside the UE4 is a little small that shoud be in Twinmotion and Sketchup :(. Btw I am using for my game. :rolleyes:

how about simplifying the plugin size by excluding the material and texture library?
Here, for example, a plugin for Cinema 4d, it just contains a basic shader and, as I understand it, instances materials with textures from the scene that you import are created for it.
in other words, do not store the whole library of textures and materials in the plugin, but import only those resources that are in the Twinmotion project.
The tool is wonderful, I will emphasize once again that this is a great opportunity to bring your projects to the next level, but the size of the plugin is terribly large…

Agreed! this is something we are working on at this moment. It has lots of depedencies that will take us time to solve but thats one of our goals.

I can across this review on youtube, in case that helps anyone!

yes, it’s very interesting how the author of the video imported a helicopter with propeller animation into Twinmotion)))
in my opinion, it is the lack of the ability to import objects with animation, for example, in fbx format, that does not allow the Twinmotion product to be fully revealed. Yes, it initially comes as a product of architectural visualization, but…)))

in general, working with the plugin did not seem difficult to me. only an important point is the scene itself, such points as topology, polygons and so on. the better it will be done, the faster it will be transferred to the engine)

the plugin helped me a lot with transferring the project for render scene in 360
effects such as reflections RTX, global lighting RTX and more made the result better
for rendering in 8K I used Ansel from Nvidia…e0?usp=sharing
used as a viewer…norama-viewer/

I have test the plugin with Sketchup and its works well, but there’s a lot lightmaps issues, for me import from SketchUp it works much better because there’s no lightmap issues and the process is more simple. =/

Yea nice to have but Lightmaps are essential for visualizing Architecture. That is a native Import: ArchiCAD -> Twinmotion -> UE via Plugin.