Twinmotion crashing when I'm trying to render some clips


I’ve imported a building from revit, and added animation, paths, characters, vegetation, furniture etc. File is now quite large. I’m trying to render 5 clips, but the programme crashes. Any resulting avis are corrupted and unplayable - I assume TM crashes in the middle of rendering it.

Can I somehow compress the file to make it more manageable for TM? (It’s currently 444mb)
Is there some other way I can reduce that file size? (I am assuming that’s the problem)
Is it possible I’ve somehow corrupted that file? (I did do a geolocation “grab” but then deleted the “buildings” as they weren’t working for me - is that adding to the issue? I can’t locate that in the layers / objects list - what should I be looking for?)

I’ve repaired TM a few times through the EG launch tab. I don’t really want to download it again… but I will if I have to.

Please don’t say I have to go to college and use lumion to do this render!! :smiley: (Lumion doesn’t like my computer either, but TM normally does, it’s a surface pro 3)

Any suggestions appreciated.

Also a suggestion to UE / EG for further down the track - Revit allows people to render in the cloud, which reduces the impact for those of us who don’t have massive computing power. Any chance that could occur with TM? Revit has a credit purchase system, which would be great for this, I feel. Don’t know how it’d work with games and stuff. Just a thought.


I’m having the same issue…On multiple files…