twinmotion 2020 freeze during video export

Hi Everyone.
any one facing issue in video export. twinmotion stuck or freeze while exporting videos. I am facing this issue since I have download twinmotion 2020 last version.

The same thing here, the video export rendering looks very unstable. I am on version 2020.2. Very frustrating …

the same thing also i have many time to export media but after a few hours freeze and crash…

Hello evreyone, i had the same issue when rendering videos. After many hours of trying things i discovered the following:
-I had video textures in my project and i discovered that when the video clip i created in TM 2020.2 was longer than the video used in the video textures, the rendering of that clip freezes.
-I Double checked that using this method:
My clip was 10 sec long and the video texture was 24 sec long. When i rendered that clip everything went fine, when i put a 15 sec delay on the video texture, the clip render stuck in about 99% of the render (only 1 sec difference, 24 sec - 15 sec delay = 9 sec and my clip was 10 sec)

I don’t know if this is your case, but it was very frustrating getting stuck every time, so if you have video textures in your projects, you can give this a try.


I was having this same issue last night with a looming deadline. In a moment of shear desperation I tried something on a whim. I simply clicked on the progress window for the export and kept it moving with my mouse in circles. I noticed it made it past the sticking point and eventually finished. Seems like a bug. Hope this helps